You were born in a first class hospital and with a silver spoon, i was born at home and without a silver spoon; we both survive. You went to a private school i went to a government school;we both ended in the same university, you woke up from the bed and i from the floor; we both have a peaceful night rest.

your outfit are all expensive, while mine are all simple and cheap; we both still covered our neckedness. you ate fried rice and roasted chiken, i ate pap and akara, but we bought still ate to out satisfaction. you ride on luxury jeep and i use a bicycle, but we still go to our various destinations. your using an adroid phone, i am using a touch light phone; it still dose’nt change de fact that we both are using phone. you got married in USA and i got married in Mangu my local village, we both wore rings and people ate rice and drank soft drinks, moreover we will still be recognize as the new wedded couples

Life is  not a competition and there are different ways to get alot of things done; different lanes, all leading to the same destination, it all about learing from one another, we need each other in other to be succesful but not by  critizing each other instead by accepting correction to amend and correcting others were there is need for. just because your neighbour is doing things faster than you,it dose not mean you are a failure or are failing.

Happiness does not come from having everything, but from making the best out with what you have; it is all about how you and i see ourselves.

stay on your lane and forge ahead and  success is ours. Life is simple and short; take it easy, be kind to others, love your neighbours, family friends, teachers, mentors and above all things remember there is God.

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    If one thinks they need something to be happy, they will never attain happiness, for happiness comes from gratitude for what one has and not from what one might achieve in the future.

    The ONLY competition worth having, is competing with yourself to keep improving yourself towards TRUTH, Compassion, Justice and Understanding.

  2. Workin2005

    Excellent reminder of what’s truly important. Perception is everything. It amazes me how quickly peoples mood can change simply by viewing things differently.
    Traveling to places like Guatemala, you see people who live out of mud huts and card board boxes…yet somehow they seem happy. If they get running water, they feel rich. I live in America. Here we consider people to be in “poverty” even when they live in air-conditioned homes, have flat screen TV’s and iPhones. Most in America considered to be in “poverty” would be viewed as wealthy in many countries. Yet, because they see others driving nicer cars and living in larger homes, they feel poor. Put them in Guatemala with the exact same material things, and they’d immediately feel very rich…even though nothing had changed.
    The point is, we’ve got to learn to be thankful for the things we have…not want for the things others have.
    Great post @glamour12.



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