This piece was recorded around 2008, after years of research into the conspiracies that have been uncovered over time. The voice of executed US(-A) President John F. Kennedy is persevered for posterity in this recording. I can’t say its what helped wake me up to the workings of the current systems of control, but it was a BIG CONFIRMATION of what I was finding out is “reality”. Please, close your eyes, listen closely and enjoy !!!


Here is a much larger portion of the speech that the vocal audio clips are taken from.


Artist Bio

Born into musical slavery, playing piano at age 2, indoctrinated onto cello in 5th grade, the conscious awareness behind InLak’ech used these instruments in the recording of the tracks on ReverbNation:

  • PRS – ’89 Classic e-guitar
  • Taylor 555 – 12 string guitar
  • Ken Laurance – Fretless Bass MT-Custom (one of a kind) SN#55
  • Korg – Wavestation
  • Roland – R8 Human Rhythm Composer
  • 1820AD Cello
  • available 6 sting acustics
  • Yamaha – FX500 effects unit
  • Cool Edit Pro. – recording software


Korie Anne

Hey totally love your music. I am a fan for sure and I would be so honored if you would come t….

Name Inspiration and More Content

This youtube video below (to the right) by Max Igan explains well how this artist, “InLak’ech”, got its name. All part of waking up to TRUTH, the @i-am.


Thanks to CROWHOUSE and Max Igan for his great efforts in bring light to TRUTH.

Here are some very short D.TUBE clips recently caught of the musician behind InLak’ech:



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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    This is amazing. I have always loved this speech. I hope don’t mind but I posted it at r/coincidencetheorist. I know rogue will dig this. Sho love this kind of stuff.

  2. Nicholas

    Words of Kennedy, and story of Kennedy, these are a misteries, i mean, we never will know the truth for sure.
    The signs are really clear, and the other things, we can do our own decisions, but for 100%, i dont think so 🙁

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Its weird though, I don’t feel like I can take credit for what happens when I play. When I did this (and most all my tunes) I just sit down and either pick some keyboard progression and sound or a short chord progression on the guitar (5 min), then record some progressive variation on the basic form (5 min), then go back with a cello or e-guitar with effects and record a 2nd track with that 1st one (5 min), then I break out the drum machine and find a stock under beat (this song only had occasional effects from the drum machine) and lay down the DRUM TRACK (15 min). Then, I go back and re-record the first 2 tracks (but the second one, the lead track, probably comes out different) to line up with the very accurate Drum Tracks, then I put any embellishments, like the voice track or extra what-evers (10 – 45 min). The whole thing just kinda happens in an hour or 2.

      There is really no time in that sequence of events that @i-am consciously predetermining any action,,,, it all just happens,,, like its was already in the ether and my fingers just happens to pull it out into sound. In fact, if I start to think about things and try to analyze and force things it usually all falls apart. I have to open up and let go,,, then it just happens. And I can’t take credit for having learned how to play, I learned like others learned how to ride a bike,,, it was force on me as an infant till 16,,,,,, I actually should be a WAY BETTER musician than I am. If someone put in 14yrs of SERIOUS practice with the desire (i never had) to achieve,,,, wow,,, it would be amazing. I’ve been playing music for only portions of the 38 years that have come after that. But really, all I know and do is what my fingers learned (not me) way back then on the cello.

      1. Miguel A. Cabanes

        The ease with which you carry it out says a lot, by itself, of the art you carry inside; maybe you (who are accostumed to used to it) see it easy or something minor, but it is not, so congratulations.
        I also like the beautiful way in which you describe everything and how you open yourself to tell me all this, in an open and direct way.
        And don’t forget, we all are goods; we all are where we have to be right now; we’re perfects.