Let’s first try to understand what genius is:


Are you born so or can you be one?

Here is my simplistic definition of a genius in one single word


…A “Continuous” trail of thoughts…

or a continuous thought if you prefer the singular form of the word

But what do I mean?

Being able to maintain a sequence of thoughts without being interrupted, distracted or going off track until you reach a final statement or the “final” statement, a statement that ends all statements, a statement that maybe someone like Jesus Christ would make maybe? Will get to that in a few

In other words…

Linking all your “Stray” thoughts to a “Trail” of thoughts, sort of speak

So the idea is not to get distracted and be able to actually finish a thought or thoughts, something that is very difficult in our daily buzzing of life

That is also why monks escape the noise…


That is what maximum mental concentration is

being able to immerse for hours even days into deep thought

connecting with your inner part

So now we went from “continuous trail of thoughts” to to “meditation” which leads me to talk about the ultimate “genius”, the one and only…

Jesus Christ


Jesus, was the ultimate genius, in my opinion, for the reason that He was able to keep a connection with the Father, the Almighty…at ALL times

At times the devil tried his best to break that bond but Jesus stood His ground as He always maintained His mind and thoughts attached to the Supreme being

…in other words, His relationship with God was “continuous”

That goes for Moses and all the others, from prophets to saints, that had that connection but never were they at all times in “synchronization” with the Almighty

That’s because they were human at the end of day, meaning that they have sinned at some point in their lives and that is why they can never be compared to Jesus, free of sins, the Lamb of God

In a way you had to be “chosen” to be someone like that, destined from birth to be the only one to have kept a direct contact line with the “Force”

For that reason alone Jesus is an extreme example because it cannot be applied on the average Joe simply because you will have to sacrifice your own life for the entire humanity as an ultimate gesture and as extreme as this sound it is the ultimate expression of LOVE that makes you the ultimate genius

…but what love got to do with being a genius?…

That is because Love means Understanding above anything else therefore it acquires the use of the mind…

so in other words

…understanding everything at all time means that you are the “ultimate genius”

…so the Ultimate gesture of love is actually the Ultimate understanding of everything

He had to sacrifice His life for all of us in the ultimate gesture of Love

… in the ultimate gesture of understanding…in the ultimate gesture of a genius!

So actually it takes a bigger heart to be the biggest genius…Jesus Christ, the biggest genius… forever





  1. Cornel

    @snekah I like Jesus from the philosophical perspective, especially due to the fact that when he came with his principles 2,000 years ago — they were very revolutionary for the society of that time.