Good evening to all I go back to write after many work commitments describing the most beautiful places of my Earth..who big and less big I was lucky enough to visit but with a lot of charm .. today I decided to write the countries of my native area: the PUGLIA!

Not because I was born here but in my opinion and many other people is one of the most evocative and richest areas of Puglia called (Tavoliere). In the immense Tavoliere plain where it is widely dedicated to the cultivation of wheat, the wonderful Gargano peninsula called the Sperone d’Italia suddenly opens up. The peculiarity of the Gargano is that it has both high and very steep coasts where they can find splendid villages such as Vieste and Peschici, as well as very fine beaches with fabulous caves and caves.

from pixabay (Peschici) 

Like the Gargano also the Capitanata is a multifaceted land: from the Subappenino Dauno, a mountain chain that dominates the area, we pass to the sweet lakes of Lesina and Varano. We say that water and land are the elements that dominate more than the province of Foggia, a rich city of history.

Accadia(Subappennino Dauno) pixabay

As everyone knows, we in Southern Italy have a deeper connection with religion! A country where there is a very important and much visited Sanctuary is Monte S.Angelo..alto on a hill overlooking the abbeys, the country churches and the romantic cathedrals.

Monte S. Angelo (pixabay)

I must admit that my land is still populated by peasants, fishermen, shepherds, artisans … my land also has in the faces cooked by the sun of its inhabitants the signs of a tormented past and a tiring present that despite everything he stays there to protect his land by living with the poor possibility of finding a job trying to go on thanks to the traditional and artisanal work .. A famous quote says:

                    When you go to the South you cry twice.. the first time when you arrive and when you leave                                  

              Quando vai al Sud si piange due volte la prima quando arrivi e quando te ne vai     

Al prossimo viaggio…Buona lettura



  1. Nicholas

    I miss the mountains 🙁
    Few years ago we are moved with my family to a new place, from “between water and mountain”, into a plain, with more water 🙂 Pretty nice, but i like the mountains.

  2. miti

    Da pugliese conosco bene quello che hai detto. Ho girato l’Italia e qualcosa anche nel mondo, ma alla fine ho deciso di vivere il mio futuro nella mia terra, inimitabile per tanti fattori!