Trybe platform is very good to share our lived experience, express our opinions about blockchain projects, to talk about our travels around the world, etc. Some months ago Trybe has introduced the way to increase personal brand using Trybe ADS. Advertising, is very useful to reach new readers to Trybe platform without spam. Advertising is a powerful tool, but…

Before I start writing this article, I have tried Trybe ADS with old package of 30 clicks at a cost of 540 Trybe, I must say that it actually works quite well and I’m very pleased for this good advertising service, thanks Trybe team. New readers have read my old article about Atomic Wallet, some of these people voted my article.

Trybe ADS is really good, but I would really suggest two solutions to improve advertsing on Trybe, to get more people use Trybe ADS, the following problem must be solved:

  1. Only people who have a minimum of 5000 Trybe should view the ads.
  2. Only the clicks of people who have a minimum of 5000 Trybe should be counted.

The first solution

In the first case, only people who have a minimum of 5000 Trybe should view the ads, in this way when one of these people vote with 5 stars, an author earn from publishing an article a minimum of 100 Trybe, so the total cost of Trybe is really more sustainable for an author. That way I think more people will use Trybe ADS.

The second solution

I propose also a second solution, only the clicks of people who have a minimum of 5000 Trybe should be counted. So, with this second solution, the programmers should to write a code of the type IF… THEN… ELSE… For example, IF the user X has a balance of Trybe equal or greater than 5000 Trybe (> = 5000) THEN count the click to advertising, ELSE ( <5000) doesn’t count the click.

I propose to the Trybe team these two solutions to improve advertsing on this platform. What do you think of these two solutions? What are your ideas trying to improve Trybe ADS? Please, share your ideas in the comments. 🙂

P.S. In the table below, I marked the votes that I received with the package of 30 clicks (missing a few clicks to expire my ads):

Before buying a package of Trybe ADS 15 votes, 5 stars (2507 total tokens earned)
After buying a package of Trybe ADS – 2547 tokens 40 tokens earned
2559 tokens 12 tokens earned
2573 tokens 14 tokens earned
2654 tokens 81 tokens earned
Total tokens earned 147 tokens earned (2654 total tokens earned)




  1. crpp

    Interesting read, I didn’t try the ads yet but will try it in future. But the idea with more than 5000 makes sense, you need ROI on it… it’s not enough if only people with low balance see/rate your article. I mean, it’s great you get more exposure but it doesn’t return your investment.

    Alternatively, there could be categories, where you choose who you want to target with your ads. Low balance accounts would be good for getting new followers and building your “brand” while targeting people with higher balances would be “ROI” oriented.

    Anyways, good luck – you got my follow. 🙂

  2. Infosion

    Nice article!
    Good idea with “only people with more tokens count towards the clicks” at the current system.
    However if I think about it, it may change a lot in future:
    Maybe other “outside” links to advertising will be allowed and articles will hopefully be found by other people using search engines. If then a person clicks on advertising links under the article at TRYBE there can’t be any earnings – because the person clicking it isn’t registered and logged in at TRYBE. I don’t know if the clicks count right now or will in future for that. But thinking baout that it would also be nice if the clicks only count for people who are logged in. This would be a benefit for anyone buying clicks and maybe for some people the reason to buy Ads on TRYBE. Because you would get the clicks from search enginge traffic for free (because like I explained these people are not registered/logged in on TRYBE)
    Thanks for this article, made me obvious thinking a little bit 😉

  3. Conceptskip

    Good points @taurus1983 ! I guess limiting the click count to 5K holders would make run ads for very long. What i miss, is to see, what votes and vote values the ad clicks generated, this would help evaluate the efficiency of ads.

      1. Conceptskip

        not necessarily the nicknames, but the vote value, generated from visits via the add. I’d be happy with a summary no need to know about individual votes.

  4. Nicholas

    Hm, hm, these ideas not bad at all.
    But it think, the 5k limit is not so good. Just think about it:
    If you are small, you cant see the promoted articles, and based of the “law of big numbers”, theres is lot of people, who can enjoy the advertised posts too. Right now, we have pretty good articles, with good quality, but at time, when the number of users is increased, the shitposts will arrive, we cant avoid this.
    And this is the second factor, the mass shitstorm, what will happen. We, the community can controll the quality, trought the rating.
    If less people have chance to read, less chance to rate, and this mean, more shitposts will hit the “visibility” limit.

    And the reverse of this is also right, if more people can read and rate, its possible, more low quality posts will born, because the new users want to rate anything.

    So i really dont know, what is the good solution 😀