EOS has attracted many gambling dApps. Different parts of the community have reacted differently to this phenomena because gambling is not seen as a respectable use of EOS by some. However, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of these apps.

Gambling is dangerous, be sure you are aware of the warning signs.


Users cannot keep their tokens in cold storage to use these apps, they need to get use them. This makes EOS tokens a true utility token rather than just a HODL token. Users are using the grey mass wallet and the scatter wallet. What this means is that when more real economy dApps come along, users will be more willing to use them cause they would have already been more used to using them.

These gambling dApps provide models of incentive systems for larger projects. For example, instead of a simple Airdrop, many of these dApps require users to play and interact in order to earn their tokens.

A different kind of interactive airdrop, which encourages adoption.

  • BetDice Bet is giving users 1,000 tokens just for logging in and 2,000 tokens for betting 0.1 EOS and is allowing users to participate in a lucky draw every hour!
  • EOSBet is giving users 1:10 ratio for playing. Learn more how to make a passive income from EOSBet
  • PixelMaster is giving users the ability to earn all their money back and more. Learn how to increase your chance of winning on Pixel Master.
  • DeosGames are giving 10 Deos tokens for every 1 EOS staked. Find out how to make a passive income from DeosGames.
  • Eos.win is offering with this link, an additional 0.25% bonus and a 10% higher game advantage it has hour free lottery and much more.
  • My EOS Vegas is giving out 100 free MEV token by simply logging and 60% of all house profits are divided amongst MEV holders.

Creating these dApps is a learning process for developers, running a high traffic network is good testing for the BPs and seeing this load on the network will help EOS.io improve it.

There are pure gamblers who are coming to EOS just because they like the gambling aspect.

Recently Dan has appeared in the PixelMaster telegram and suggested some changed to the economic model that is currently being used. At first hand, it might seem odd that the creator of EOS is interested in a gambling game. I suspect Dan is more interested in the behavioural economics aspect of this game probably because he would like to see what works and implement something similar for the Universal Basic Income (UBI) project.

His suggestions to PixelMaster Distribute the pot to everyone in the last 24 hours if the pot does not increase by 0.1% every hour. Basically, we now have PixelMaster on fast forward. Learn some interesting strategies that can be applied to PixelMaster.

This gambling dApps are attracting more users simply because some people like to play and bet, there is another sector that is coming in to monitor what is happening and testing out the usability of the system through these apps

Another benefit these dApps are bringing is that EOS is topping the charts for blockchains which makes EOS standout and attract more real-world applications to the platforms.

Gambling dApps are there for gambling but at this stage of the ecosystem, they are the pioneers to establish a foundation for usability and adoption. Use these dApps with great caution but using them will help the EOS ecosystem grow.

There are some major concerns with these Dice applications.:

  • The teams are anonymous
  • The users might live once the interactive airdrops are gone
  • Regulators might shut down the sites
  • It is unclear what is the legal position of those who stake on these unlicensed casinos

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  1. EOSmastering

    Great post. I agree completely. EOS has shown to have utility. And gambling and then later gaming will of course be where adoption is going to happen first over the next few years.



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