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Hello trybians.. Iam Azhar B, i was born in lhokseumawe on March 17, 2000, i am the fourth child of five siblings and i am very happy because my family is full of affection, and this is my family my father named: burhan and my mother : rusmiati, my brother: fitriah, my first brother: zulfikar, second brother: samsul bahri and the last is my younger sister named: nova andriani.

And that I will never forget until now is in the year of defeat I am currently experiencing a conflict of war between the Aceh free movement group (GAM) and the Indonesian military and this conflict lasts for four years and ends in 2004,

because in 2004, the region Aceh was special and there was a tsunami and perhaps this was one of the reasons for the end of the war between the Indonesian military and the Aceh Freedom Movement (GAM) group.



Until now there has been no conflict. in 2007, I went to elementary school 10 alue lim, and in 2013 I graduated from elementary school and continued my education in the al-muarif boarding school until the completion of junior high school, I also continued my high school education at SMAN 4 lhokseumawe and while I was studying I also worked after school and I worked as a construction worker to collect rupiah for rupiah and for daily needs, because I had a dream to be able to continue my education to college I intend to save money day after day from income as a construction worker because I knew that my parents could not afford to finance me to continue my college education and for three years I worked hard thank God that it was not in vain because I was able to enter college at the STMIK campus of the Faculty of Information Technology (S1). and I was very lucky because I got bi I have students from the government up to completion (S1). and this is a glimpse of my biodata.

Never give up before success is in your hands.

the goal that I want to achieve is that I want to have a more potential life balance and also for personal happiness along with the happiness of my beloved family”



  1. Angela Lupan

    Benvenuto nella comunita..ti aguro di raggingere il tuo obietivo e lasciare in dietro tutte le preocupazioni i disaggi . che ai dovuto suportare per la colpa dei potenti del mondo.