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The simulation theory addresses the idea that everything we know and call reality, is in actual fact a simulation.

The idea that we are either simulations ourselves and have no physical being beyond the simulated universe or are projected versions of ourselves inside of a simulated reality, it really takes some brain power to consider as a real possibility, but it is not something we can just put away as another conspiracy anymore. The possibility that the theory could hold some truth increases as we begin to project creating such a simulated world ourselves.

Take a look at the current gaming world combined with VR and we can see, we are clearly already attempting to create these worlds, albeit earlier days. It wouldn’t take us much time (in the grand scheme of things) to be able to build a world or universe that would otherwise be indistinguishable from our current reality…. but, what if we then created a completely different world and never allowed for a conscious being to witness the ‘base’ reality……well that world would be their reality.

They could even call it Earth!

As long as we don’t destroy humanity in the progress, it is almost certain that the technology required to achieve such a feat will become available, and just like a self fulfilling prophesy, we have already opened the genies bottle.

The idea that one day we may be able to create a simulated world, is becoming widespread, and highly intelligent people are working to find out if it indeed would be possible, some are even try to prove that we’re already in one (Thus the simulation Theory). If we had access to the tech, today, to make such a simulated world possible, we would be building it already.

So the question we then ask is…… if we can build it, could it have already been built?

and the answer most people that really think about it come to is…Yes!

In actual fact its been stated that there is a 1 in billions, chance of this (what your living in right now) being base reality. Just let that sink in for a moment. The math would show that we are in a simulation, NOT Base reality.

But don’t worry, it’s only a theory!

I will leave you with a question that i like to ask people when we get on to this topic.

If you found out this was all just a simulated reality, would you unplug?


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  1. firedream

    The quick brown jumps over 13 lazy .
    If it can be build, it has already been built…
    If we can create AI that has self consciousness it is highly probable that it has already been created and they are living in their pre-determined universe.
    If we can think about downloading our brain to network, it is probable that it has already been done…
    So what is real? The only answer is… there is sure “existance” in some form somewhere…


  2. James Chaffey

    It is hard to determine whether or not we really are in a simulated world from higher life forms, if we are the only living thing in the universe, or what is real and isn’t, always interesting to think about though.

  3. sandwichbill

    Well, it’s an interesting question and I started thinking about this after reading William Gibson books. Many people live in a simulated reality in the sense that powerful people can get them thinking their way and there’s conditioning and social constructs. As to the theory that we are living in a computer simulation, maybe.

  4. CryptosDecrypted

    Intriguing post @jmceos. I’ve long believed that a plugged in ‘reality’ awaits most of us…our monkey brains will choose the dream over somber and drab reality. Many of us already make a similar decision with MMO’s etc.

  5. Workin2005

    Thought provoking post Jake. Certainly makes one think. Reminds me of the question on time travel. Will it ever be possible? If so, then hasn’t it already been done? If so, isn’t reality constantly changing? If so, is anything real? If so, then there has to be multiple realities. Anyway…makes my head hurt. 😉

  6. Infosion

    This reminds me about Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It’s meant to be funny, but it also has very lot of good symbolism to it: In these books it becomes clear that the earth is only a gigantic super computer and we humans are mistakenly think we are important. But we are only part of this gigantic super computer that has been build to answer only one question “What is the purpose of life and everything..?” (or somehow like that 😉 ).
    I think “a simulation” is a definition thing on a human level. We are what we are. And we are so much more then this body that we walk around here or even the thoughts that we are aware of. So I think we are in some kind of simulation, but not in such a simple way we think about it today. It’s rather a simulation which has free will programmed into it. But it’s a really realistic one so far 😉
    Can’t vote, will do tomorrow … good article!



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