Historically, Greek philosophy recognized a two part mind, presently considered conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is vast for growth potential and documented research suggests hypnosis has many applications that are highly effective. Hypnosis is a trance state where the subconscious is highly suggestible and connects with conscious communication to create new outcomes. We will delve into some discoveries of its values, barriers, and procedures.


Consciously determined effort requires great willpower, self-denial, and self-sacrifice, while efforts based on subconscious beliefs, values, and desires occur easier having increased force of movement. If we spend enough time pursuing an effort, it will eventually become subconsciously motivated. This, NLP, positive affirmations, and post-hypnotic suggestions can all lead to subconscious impetus. Self Hypnosis is an ideal environment to make internal changes because the conscious enters the subconscious in a relaxed, receptive, and suggestible state to connect, communicate, and create. Remember electricity, light, matter, and birth. We see extraordinary phenomena on every plane of existence happening when counterpart energies connect. The applications for hypnosis are extensive because most functions of the body are subconscious.

A great deal of research has been conducted including EEG and other brain imaging studies validating hypnosis as an effective treatment against fear, pain, anxiety and addictions.


Imbalance can cause barriers. The concept of polarity suggests that we walk in balance between excess and deficiency. Overindulging to excess or self-denial to a point of distracting deficiency with physical, mental and emotional states before meditating will challenge the process. Trying to accomplish meditation while hungry, sexually, or financially distracted can throw off the whole process. Anger, sadness, and apathy all form barriers as well. Intrusive thoughts of self and others will also disrupt the ideal trance state. Finding internal silence and stillness requires balance among these things. Long term lifestyle adjustments attract the best results.

Poorly constructed suggestions can also carry negative consequences. The concept of vibration teaches us to focus on the positive, to avoid attracting the negative. In hypnosis we should keep to positive affirmations. Communicating ‘do not feel pain’, could inadvertently attract pain, alternatively ‘feel soothing’ avoids this risk. Be careful about merely masking problems that require intervention, they can progress unfavorably when symptoms are removed irrespective of the underlying cause.

Self-hypnosis may initially find increased receptivity over hypnosis that involves someone else administering the script. There is vulnerability involved and ease of mind largely depends on factors such as one’s comfort level with hypnosis, trust of the other, knowledge of the script, and the energy of the deliver. When agreement on these things is reached hypnosis with another can be a phenomenal, highly effective, fun, and a deeply meaningful experience. Unchecked vulnerability when someone else is giving the script can form a barrier to a good trance state. Self hypnosis and hypnosis with another contain slight surface level difference but deep interpersonal energetic variation becomes visible when you calculate involved intuition, auras, thoughts, emotions, nonverbal communication, social vibes, personalities and more. For instance, open body language communicates more safety and security. Bottom line, it won’t work as well with someone else who doesn’t give you good feels.


Light trance depth is often effective to accomplish specific goals involving pain management, stress reduction, weight loss, memorization, creativity, and addiction. Deeper buried or less specific goals usually necessitate more profound trance depths.  The Subconscious likes positive, affirmative, peaceful, self permitted induction vs demanding approaches. It likes rhyming, repetition, symbolism, color, music, creativity, imagination and more.


The values, barriers, and procedures listed above inform a good starting base for great hypnosis. Self hypnosis is when one’s consciousness enters subconsciousness to connect and communicate new goals in an ideal state of subconscious suggestibility. Majority of the functions of the brain are subconscious. This opens a new world of possibility inside us.


Below is my favorite script that I have written to date. Depending on how deep you are trying to get you may skip step 7. Choose goals and corresponding affirmations before starting. Word them into present and future tense. I am, I will be. Keep to positive communication.  Go deeper. Explore. Relax. Find. Imagine. Appreciate your relaxation. Relax further with each step.

One of the easiest ways to perform self hypnosis is by making a recording. Remember to add enough time to complete each step in the recording. You may find it best to fully imagine each step while making your recording. It is possible to achieve trance states while reading, it usually requires practice. It is easiest to close eyes. 


1. Heart

Raise your emotional vibration.

Breathe love, feel love.

2. Mind

Silence and still your mind, meditate.

Let thoughts pass through you.

3. Body

Visualize from toes to head your body parts being lightly brushed with the softest feather duster and gently whisped feeling caressed and sensations between tingling and almost touched bringing deep relaxation.

Relax, from toes to head visualize heavy, shower temperature, mineral mud being packed on making muscles melt, soften, and soothe into relaxation.

From toes to head visualize sparkly bubbles, bubbling and washing away mud, massaging muscles with soothing comfort. Feel the muscles relax, soothe, and soften into cottonlike lightness.

4. Heart

Breathe Love in as bright colorful vitality, exhale the color through your self, permeatingly outward, colorfully illuminating and refreshing your aura, creating energetic ease around you.

Rainforest Script

5. Alpha

Radiant colors and fragrances, 

embrace around the pathway,

 to the distant descending stairway, 

toward it you slowly walk.

The pathway before you glitters,

 the descending staircase’s 10 steps shimmer,

The crystal walkway before you glimmers,

and brilliantly refracts the sun.

Walk down that colorful pathway,

with flowers all around abounding,

to the stairway that is descending,

 into thick rainforest trees.

Count down from 10, on 5 slowly step, into the shaded scene,


Feel the cool, pure, clean, refreshing, misty rainforest breeze.

 Let it lift you into the air, to float freely and to be at ease.

6. Theta

Vapor clouds and light show on the canopy,

colorful glow bugs and electric butterflies.

Spell on the treetops your affirmations and goals

by floating and fluttering in lines.

I am… I will be…

A faint melody grows in the distance.

The stars sound singing your song.

I am… I will be…

The stars start communicating with rainbows, making you lucky enough,

to see energized, all around, the ground you float above.

Singing incandescent, fiery speech, spirited words of love,

Connecting deep, down, into the earth, bringing creative energy up.

Mystical energy passes up through your heels

spiraling from earth to crown the sky.

The reception of your affirmation and goals

you’re a conduit that boosts it high.

I am… I will be…

Underwater Script

7. Delta

Further into the forest you see a waterfall covering a cave

you make your way over towards it, a very beautiful hidden place.

It has a glowing pool of water with gemstone stairs inside,

ten steps going underwater, you will submerge on stairstep 5.

10- you feel the water on your toes

9- your knees, and its cool, refreshing, and clean

8- the water is up to your waist

7- your heart, and it feels happy and free

6- it is calming right above your throat

5- above your head completely

4- you relax further each step

3-  those firm steps felt underneath your feet

2- deeper and more relaxed

1- currents drifting around carrying serenity.

swimming forward you see a box

you pause to float freely.

opening the box releases wonderful colors and sounds

your affirmation I am… I will be…


8. Beta

Swim back to the staircase count from 1 to 10.

 On the step of 5 the water is right above your head.

Leave that sacred cave and waterfall, leave the pool that glows,

enter into the rainforest canopy, misty air in which you float. 

Relax and exhale slowly, float back to the ground. 

Counting up to 10 climb the crystal staircase towards the sun. 

On the step of 5 feel the warmth and and change of light. 

Continue up the stairway the door to consciousness is in sight. 

Enter in a moment, the door to outside light. 

Open up your eyes real wide and tell yourself ‘Awake’!



  1. Infosion

    I can very much agree that it helps more and is worth more to spend energy on the things that you want/are positive compared to think about what’s all wrong and negative!
    Also heard exactly this in another relation: Our mind somehow doesn’t really understand the word “no” oder “don’t”. So after that theory for our mind it doesn’t really matter if you say “I feel pain” or “I feel no pain” … Think the best example for this is: “Don’t think about a pink elephant!” 😉 ..
    And really nice article! Thanks for writing and sharing all this