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  • How to Get Many Tokens On The TRYBE.ONE Platform

Hello Friends of Tryber, talking about the Trybe Platform makes my friends and I happy, how come? recently the residents of Tryber rejoiced at the 1st Airdrop Trybe and 2nd Airdrop until the 12th Airdrop which will take place every month from 11 January to 11 November 2019. Are you ready for friends to reap more Airdrop coffers ? Come on, let’s collect as many Trybe Tokens as you can by writing on the Trybe platform, so you can get more portions on the Airdrop distribution the following month. At this happy opportunity,

I will share powerful tips on making lots of tokens and good and correct surfing methods on Trybe . I have applied various tips that I will share myself and the results are quite discouraging. I have shared this tip many times with friends of the Trybe Community Group in Indonesia.

Well, these tips must be done by friends to get satisfactory results on the Trybe Platform. This is a collection of tips that I summarized to make it easier for Tryber Friends to surf good and good and get lots of tokens on the Trybe Platform:

1. Make Post Content that has valuable and informative knowledge as Trybe’s motto “Knowledge and Content Sharing Network for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Communities”. For the post content category there are various choices on the Trybe platform, so you can adjust it to your Passion.

2. You need to know that every Trybe post can produce a lot of tokens because the post is not time-limited (there is no expiration date) and can be a boomerang if we make a post of origin which when people can give downrate. So, take a little longer to make the writing really quality and useful to the reader. Remember useful posts can bring a lot of ratings at any time.


3. The Trybe Platform does not know the term “Whale”, as much as any Trybe token in your Balance, still a maximum rating of 200 Tokens, So Friends must be active in “blogworking” visiting other people’s posts and rating good and positive comments. Remember, every effort we make must have feedback, or results.

4. Every post that you make can be shared with Post Promotion in the Chat Group on Trybe Platform, Discord Channel Post Promotion and Trybe Post Promotion Group in Telegram.

5. How to interact with all Trybe users, fairly easy, on the Trybe platform there is a chat feature that can see users online and offline. You can also interact with other Trybe users through Discord Trybe, Trybe Telegram Group.

6. Strengthen ties with your Community & Establish interactions between fellow Trybe users, build positive relationships that support each other to create mutually beneficial symbiosis. So, you can reap lots of tokens and get lots of acquaintances and relationships. Patent isn’t it?


7. Give a good assessment of each other’s posts, give constructive criticism and suggestions, don’t be stingy to give a rating, just mean that every rating you give as alms and do not hope to return, so there is no sense of doing something wasteful if there is no visit and the feedback assessor of people.

8. If the Tryber Friend is stuck, there is no idea for the post material, there is an alternative to overcome it, you can search for good and useful articles on your Caucasian friend’s blog, then ask permission for them to translate into the language of your country. Friends need to note that the writings of other people who are translated must get permission, because Trybe is prohibited from wild translation that can end downrate.

Thus these tips, may be useful for all Tryber Friends. If there are things you want to ask, please leave a message in the comment column.

Thank you for visiting this blog.
Regards: @rauzaljm

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