If someone claims that he hasn’t played games like “Counter-Strike (CS), Call of Duty (COD), Medal of honor (MOHA)” and many other first-person shooters, then it might not be true. It is impossible not be addicted to these time killers and join the uncontrollable curses by the friends league especially in those early college days. Those were the times when spending a great portion of life on these games only brought us adrenaline, well “hail blockchain”, now it brings you earnings as well.

In this post, I would introduce a recently launched Ethereum-based crypto-rewarding game “War Field”, following our all-time favorite 1st person shooter (1PS) genre.

All images from the Warfield media platforms 

Game Requirements:

Unlike, other 1PS games, war-field does not require a download or installation, the game is web-version and can be played in the browser. The requirements are simple:

> Intel i3 processor or higher

> 512 MB video card

> Chrome browser updated to the newest version

> 250 MB of free disk space

> 4 GB of RAM

Moreover, recently the developers have launched a desktop version with 2 main scenarios. The game begins with a basic level dagger and hand-gun for free. However, machine guns, snipers and shotguns can be purchased using their blood-baked coins ‘GDLR tokens’. You can also exchange/trade those tokens over an exchange or in later stages would be used to join tournaments.

Players join in with a simple log-in and put a stake on their lives before entering the game, the amount of stake would determine, which room you would be sent to. All players in that room would be with the same stake on them for a fair gameplay. With each health/life taken by the enemies from this player would reward the attacker with war-field’s coin “Golder (GLDR)”. For example, X join in as a player with placing 10 GLDR on his head as a reward, and player Y shoots him, player Y would earn crypto.



Full details of the game and the whitepaper can be found “Here

War-field is also currently offering an Airdrop, where you can earn up to 450 GLDR and can get a kick-start for the upcoming exciting and intensive game-play.  You can simply go to their website here and register yourself.  Some details of their ICO is as below:

Total supply: 2,571 Billion

Exchange Rate: 1 GLDR = USD 0.01

Soft Cap: USD 3 Million

Hard cap: USD 12 Million


Kindly, know that this is not a financial advice or anything of this sort.

So, please do not take it as a recommendation, do your complete survey before joining any finance-included options.

Just, sharing this review for esports and game lovers.

I shall be playing it for some time to see how it goes.

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