How to claim Trybe airdrop tokens with the Trybe.One Wallet

I am writing this article so I can assist readers & Trybe community members and all people in claiming the Trybe airdrop token via the Trybe.One wallet.

I have already claimed my tokens and have staked them for the next upcoming airdrop.

Firstly please have the latest Scatter Desktop Wallet Version 10.01. I will have a link down below. Scatter no longer is providing support for its chrome/firefox extension anymore.

Make your sure that your Eos account name is attached to your Trybe.One account/profile.

Firstly it is highly recommended by the Trybe.One team that you clear your browser. After doing that, login into with Scatter. You must login with your Eos “active” user account not “owner” user account.

When I first tried to login I was not aware of this, thankfully the Trybe online team explained and assisted me with the above process.

Once you have logged in to the Trybe.One wallet, a nice interface will appear with plenty of information will appear.

On the left pane you will see a list with liquid Trybe tokens, pre-sales, off-chain, delegated, refunds and staking of tokens function.

In the centre left of the wallet, you will see the “Claim Tokens’ button. Click on this button and claim your tokens. It’s that easy.

Trybe will be having more airdrops in the coming months. The dates are all specified on the Trybe.One wallet with the supply amount. However, you will have to stake your tokens to qualify for the future airdrops. I have already staked my Trybe tokens. The staking process and the airdrops dates are on Tybe.One wallet interface including the countdown day/time/minutes for the next snapshot.

The Trybe.One wallet also allows you to purchase Trybe tokens.

One major thing that I really liked about the wallet is that, it has a portfolio section where you are able to view all other tokens with its Eos value, USD value, liquid and other information related with it.

One feature I really like is that some tokens have icons next to them. These icons represent  if that particular token can be staked, or has dividends or interest can be earned with the tokens.

There is much more that I can write about my experience and functions about the Trybe.One wallet , but my suggestion would be to try, use the wallet, explore and play around with it. You might even have ideas and suggestions to the Trybe.One team about the wallet.

Having said that, I hope your experience was good as mine and I wish to thank the Trybe team on the airdrop, wallet and off course the Trybe Platform.

Keep Safe.

Below Are Links for Scatter & Trybe.One Wallet

Trybe.One wallet:

Scatter Desktop Wallet:



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