This is the most asked question from people who wish to become successful in the blogging business having seen that many people have made a living outta it. Of a truth, it has never been easy for all those who finally made it on the blogging business but it is still necessary for the beginners to take a bold step if they wish to become like them, some day.

Actually two different posts on medium motivated me towards writing this piece. The first one was from Lincoln W. Daniel, a popular writer on the medium platform, while the 2nd one was from George J. Ziogas, a successful young-man in the blogging business.

Summary Of The Two Written Content

The first content written and published by Lincoln W. Daniel is trying to explain to its readers the basics of the medium platform and how everything works over there. It started by revealing to us that the platform is not known for plagiarism rather it’s a place where one can find unique stories in all divisions of life. Lincoln specifically wrote the article for new comers on the platform who might find it difficult to explore how the platform operates.

He listed so many steps and precautions that would enable new users to find a niche on the medium platform. Among the steps he mentioned, are:

The first step he urged all new users to do while signing up on the platform is to select their area of interests so as to enable medium’s editorial team to supply them with stories that suit their taste.

Secondly, he advices them to follow the users of any great content they might have come across on the platform, this simply tells the medium team that you love stories from that particular author, guess what they are definitely gonn supply you with more from same author.

He also talked about clapping for stories you really enjoyed reading on the platform as this helps to give the author Morale to come with more interesting stories next time he pens something down. Infact Lincoln talked about so many things that would help a new user on the medium platform to excel in his or her niche.

The second article came from an author known as George J. Ziogas. The author must have generated a whole lot of income from blogging that was why he decided to share with us how we can do same. Without hesitation, he started by saying that we first have to choose a subject matter which may be a topic we have picked interest in or a popular topic that will attract more readers on your blog.

He also talked about being acute reader in all divisions of life so as to be familiar with the right words and vocabularies because this will go a long way to make writing easier for you, thereby paving the way for one to make blogging his or her second source of income. He also adviced that bloggers should improve on their writing because no amount of marketing will make up for poor writing. He also talked about consistency and setting up a schedule for yourself inorder to compete with others that are in the same field as you.

Lastly, he urged all writers to try as much as possible to find ways to promote their write-ups recommending medium as a good place to start the promotional journey.


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