Yep that’s me in some tropical forest nearby the city of Cali…

Well my name is Luis Alejandro Melo but I usualy go by @melooo182 on the web, althought I’ve been trying to change it to Mr.M-Art but it’s kinda hard to switch entirely haha. Anyway as you may already guess, I’m an artist so my posts here will be mostly about my artworks.

Aside of being an artist i’m also an entrepreneur and tech lover, trying to keep up to date with the new stuff all the time.

Well that’s enough chitchat and let me show you some of my most recent artworks 😎.

🎨 Artposting 🖌 / 🖋🎃🎨 Pencil Drawing – Animals Composition 🎨

🎨 Artposting 🖌 / 🖋🎃🎨 Inktober – Sorceress 🎨

🎨 Artposting 🖌 / 🖋🎃🎨 Inktober – Cyberpunk Gal #2 🎨

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