Hello Trybe community, it is a pleasure to write my very 1st Post here.

I am from Panama, my friends since I was a kid always called me “El CR”, that is why my account name is @el-cr and always use that username.

I usually don’t like introductions, I rather stay behind the curtains most of the time and enjoy watching everyone. I knew about Trybe because I have been studying EOS for the last 48 hours. I’m glad I found this social media platform on this awesome blockchain.

My Avatar

So what do I do?

About my career:

I am an Industrial Engineer with emphasis in Business / Commerce. I work in a business I have built with my best friend. I am always thinking about ideas for projects, some of them I manage to implement, but I am constantly thinking about new ideas.

My favorite Sport:

I love to be active and do sports. I have my gym at home where I can always help my body release those endorphins I am so addicted to. However, my favorite sport is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu currently a purple belt under Megaton Wellington Dias. When I don’t train I get in a bad mood!, I am sure you know what I mean, if you are also a sport addict.

Picture taken the day I got promoted to purple.

My Social Responsibility:

Environmentalist and Animal lover! If there is a crime against the environment where I live, I promise I will always be there to fight it as much as possible. Somehow I think and believe I have built an interesting connection with nature, because I am always encountering situations with animals in need, so many stories and experiences, and I love it!

I am also part of local civil groups that are fighting and working for a better place.

These are 5 kittens I found abandoned in a box, they needed food and love.

My new thing:

A Crypto enthusiast! Since I discovered Bitcoin and the power of its technology, I became addicted to crypto. I am constantly studying and reading about the topic. It is something that makes me very excited and hopefully I will be able to become a crypto influencer from a business point of view that will help the adoption and educate more people in my region.

My new reading passion.

I have never been a writer, but thanks to social media disruption blogging platforms in the crypto space and the statement that we should all be rewarded for our content creation, I became a full supporter of all applications, especially decentralized ones that bring power and value to the people. So I decided to start writing and share experiences, thoughts and opinions same as supporting and getting to know others.

Thanks for reading, now let the Trybe Power come to us!

Thank You!


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  1. Backpacking Monk

    Always a great to see familiar names.
    I always knew the environmentalist in you but didn’t know you into Martial Arts as well.
    Thought that was Evecabs Department.
    Also, We both share something in common.
    Its Crypto blogging platforms that made us writer and I am really happy about this aspect of me.

    Looking forward to more blogs from you, My Friend 🙂

  2. MineYourMind

    Welcome, it seems to be quite quiet here as of yet, but I’m sure that’s going to change in 2019.

    It’s nice to meet you and I’ll be keeping an eye out for your content.

  3. CryptosDecrypted

    Welcome @el-cr. Great to see you on the platform. Looking forward to checking out your future posts. As you are into crypto I think you’ll like Trybe – a lot of quality posts already onsite. Oh, and Happy New Year to you!



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