This comic is a continuation of my wife’s @laputis drawing from yesterday. It was “Elves” theme for Artstorm contest and she drew how Cornelius, Dietrich, Betsy and Victor are packing the presents for Pinky and Spiky. 

Only Betsy is happy but Dietrich is tired and Cornelius feels used. Victor says he hopes to get big reward.

 Cheep child labor!

So I decided to continue this story and drew a comic about how they have finished packing the presents. Pinky is the most polite and congratulates the gang saying, “Good job guys! Now we’re ready for Christmas.” Spiky asks which present is for him. Obviously he wants the biggest one…

But Victor says, “You have to pay us!” Cornelius says, “Give us some crypto!” and Dietrich adds, “No poinsettias this time…” (Obviously they were paid in poinsettias LAST YEAR!)

Guess which present will Spiky get? Well, it matches his color blue. It’s the biggest box…

What about Pinky? Pinky’s box is well… pink!

Cornelius’s present is next after size and it’s violet.

Dietrich is orange so his box is also orange.

You can probably guess Betsy’s and Victor’s presents. They are yellow and black.

At first I thought maybe Victor should get the biggest box! This would be nice – he is the smallest but his apetite would be the biggest.

Then other animals would get boxes in opposite proportion of his size.

Guess, who would get the smallest present? Of course, Spiky…

I don’t know if he would survive this blow…

I’m looking forward to drawing Christmas wish lists tonight when I get back home.

I hope this silliness will put a smile on your face!

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