We often hear the word gibbut, but many of us still don’t know about what is worship. Even people who know it sometimes fall into it without them even knowing it. even though it is a matter that is mild in the oral man, the weight of his sin is on the side of God. Because God equates people who treat others like people who eat the carcasses of their own brothers.


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Ghibah In the language derived from the word Al-Igtiyaab (الإِغْتِيَابُ) means to talk about the ugliness of someone behind him who should be covered or something that will make him sad if it is on him.

As for the terms mentioned by Al Munawi-Ibrahim, “Ghibah is to mention someone’s disgrace without his knowledge either in Lafazh, signs or depictions.

It will become increasingly clear if we listen to the explanation of the Prophet-sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam- about the meaning of Ghibah in the hadith of Abu Hurairah-radhiyallahu‘ anhu-.

Muhammad-sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam- said,

“Do you know what you are talking about?” The Companions replied, “Allah and His Messenger know better.” The Prophet then said, “Talk about your brother with what he hates.” Then someone said, “What do you think if my words about my brother are true? ” If your words about your brother are true, then you have (gossiped), and if your words are not in accordance with the truth, then you have done a lie against him. (HR. Muslim).

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So, ghibation means gossiping or talking about other people’s disgrace when they are not there, which will cause dislike if the person knows it.

Often when chatting with other people, we unwittingly talk about someone’s ugliness or disgrace. Even though it makes us fall into visiting; talking about something that isn’t right.

Gossiping is very dangerous. When we do it, we like eating our own carcass. Even this action is harder than adultery, and in the hereafter God will bury the person who did it with the sweat of hell experts.

For that, let us not convey any information. Especially to gossip and spread the shame of others. Take care of your mouth and heart. So that later our disgrace is covered and saved from the torment of hellfire.

Let us be busy improving ourselves and stop taking care of others.

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  1. Cloud blade

    Gossip is the inferiority of human beings,
    Like to belittle others to raise yourself,
    Like to say bad things about others, to highlight your own good,
    That wrong behavior,
    But most people are like that.



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