The blame game is one the have plaque humans since the time of creation (Adam: Eve made me eat the Apple).

Pushing the blame to others lifts the burden off us and thus there is nothing for us to work on because next time we will just push is to some other person if we find ourselves in such situation. However, when there is no one to blame we look to something bigger than us.

When the who is controllable..

Many times we blame everything/ everyone around us but us about the happenings to us. Taking it upon us to fix anyone who messes with us. They know you as Mister No Nonsense because like a bull you ever ready to throw that person who dares climbing your back..

Most times, this attitude takes our focus away from the big picture; we have spent years making sure we win every fight we find ourselves in with that inner voice “they started it” as our bedrock from whence all irrelevant actions sprung.

There is a time to walk away not because of fear but because defending your bruised ego will not always pay off. While there is a time to start a fight, it is rarely the only option.

But when the who is an uncontrollably force…

It is human nature to blame something higher than us for occurrence that are out of our control. Expressing deep anger or rage which usually prompts a change in our belief and philosophical orientation.

This pain, if not handled with grace will stay in your face for a very long time, shaping a new reality for you and paving a new path for you to walk

Who should mother hen hold responsible when incredible hawk comes for her chick?

Who should American hold responsible when hurricane comes for their house?

We won’t always get what we want out if life. Just keep giving life your best short and leave the blame game, eventually your ups will be more than your down times.

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