So…what happened? What happened really is that… yes, it was about the tax on cars and fuel but that was just a tipping point of something much bigger. And essentially everything that happened during the Macron’s government since the beginning. But it’s not about Macron. It’s about 40 years of destruction of these public domain – the banking sector taking over the country and people are feeling it’s not just their wallets which are shrinking, but whole neighbourhoods, their grandmother, their sisters…. everyone is talking about it for many years.

And what really triggered all of this is Macron’s rhetoric because he has really extremely aggressive way of expression towards people who are working and they were fed up with having to cross the red line on the bank account every second months and not being able to pay for simple things like for their children.

It’s not about right-wing , it’s much bigger like we’ve ever seen. People throwing rocks at policemen? It’s because they are really getting insulted on a daily basis for what they’re doing and now they crossed that line and this line will never get back.

Basic expenses

The amount that you have to pay each month just to get by, is absolutely insane. And people here are pretty much living and trying to earn money to not only raise kids but also take care of their parents, because their older parents are having a hard time surviving as well.


Retirements (which is below the level of poverty) – you can imagine when you are getting a retirement which is below the level of poverty. You’re throwing people into poverty legally!? Which is the reason why people are getting really fed up. Is that happening in your country too?

Is whole world ready?

Movement will hopefully reach other countries. Basically because it’s not about the French population only. Same situation is basically almost everywhere in Europe, it’s also in the United States. We can do it very differently. But people have to stop looking at TV and stop thinking that the revolution will come one day. It’s now. Think about what can we think through in terms of solution right now and not tomorrow in order to make sure that the banking system is not going to contract the the nation-states because I guess the crisis is not going to go away through the night.