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  • Fitness and massage (cannot breathe – heart disease – respiratory disease)

Fitness and massage (cannot breathe – heart disease – respiratory disease)

I used to have a sudden heartache or suddenly unable to breathe, after sport + massage + rehabilitation exercise, this one year did not again happen that sick…


my sport is Run…every night running 45~60 minute .

Run time, it is best to be early in the morning, but my personal habit is 3 hours before bedtime or evening.

After running back, Immediately dry with Wiping body sweat, after the body cools down ( about 30 minute ) , go to shower.


In the case of sweating all over the body, you should not Immediately take a shower, especially cold water, you will get rheumatism.

When sweating all over the body, dry the sweat, otherwise it will easily block the pores, long acne

Running speed:

The faster you run, the better? That is wrong.

The focus of running is lasting, so it must be continued for 30 to 40 minutes .

Running posture:

raising your head and chest can improve the respiratory circulatory system.

Do not clench your hands too tightly to avoid tight muscles in your forearms – You can make a fist while running, but not too tight, otherwise it will cause the forearm muscles to be tight and hinder the normal movement of the shoulder during running.

The pace should not be too large, the soles of the feet are completely grounded to protect the ankles and knees.

During the running, the spine can be raised to improve the hunchback condition and keep the airway smooth.

The legs should be relaxed and the pace should be moderate. If the pace is too big or the legs are too hard, it will consume the extra physical strength during exercise, making you feel tired. When the foot is on the ground, the whole foot should be grounded, so that the ankle and knee can be protected to prevent periostitis.

Running Breathe will Naturally:

No need, nose Absorbing air / mouth Spit out air.

Like my nose is not good, I often use my mouth to breathe.

But only use mouth to Breathe, you Can’t run fast, your Running speed should and walking are almost.

The pace-step should not be too large:

Want to run fast, should not big step for increase your pace, and it is to improve your running frequency.

Stepping power:

When running, the Stepping power on the ground is as small as possible, avoiding reaction and avoiding injury.

running shoes:

Lighter shoes are more suitable, and the shoelaces are not tied too tight. If your running shoes are easily damaged, it means that your posture is not ideal.

massage:(two Acupuncture point)

These two Acupuncture point help to improve insomnia, promote detoxification in the body, prevent acne, and improve the respiratory system (heart blood circulation)

Location (1) –

most left side at back of waist / most right side at back of waist

( In the picture below – Red circle )

The following images are quoted from I bought Book 智揚出版社/局版台業字第三六0六號


Location (2) –

Middle left side at back of waist / Middle right side at back of waist

The following images are quoted from

rehabilitation exercise:

Lift the thigh and draw a circle.

one foot standing,

The other leg lifts the thigh (the calf naturally hangs down),

With the knee joint (knee bone) as the center,

at the front of the body – draw a circle.

The following images are quoted from

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  1. sandwichbill

    I found this interesting. I must get out there and start pounding the streets again. I used to take it easy, because I think it’s dangerous to push myself too hard.