TRYBE will be doing lot’s of airdropping over the next 12 months and you don’t want to miss out!

Whether you’re already a Trybe Token holder or want be, here’s everything you need to know to make sure you get the most from the airdrop. Hope it Helps!


When do the Airdrops Take Place?

  1. Starting from December 11th 2018 through to November 11th 2019, you can participate in any or all of the airdrops. 

1) December 11th 2018 – 10 Million Tokens (No Staking Required)

2) January 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 17th December)

3) February 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 17th January)

4) March 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 14th February)

5) April 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 17th March)

6) May 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens(Started staking by 16th April)

7) June 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 17th May)

8) July 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens(Started staking by 16th June)

9) August 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens(Started staking by 17th July)

10) September 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens(Started staking by 17th August)

11) October 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 16th September)

12) November 11th 2019 – 5 Million Tokens (Started staking by 17th October)


How Are Tokens Distributed?

Tokens are distributed proportionately to Trybe Token Holders who have staked their Trybe Tokens for at Least 25 days Before The Airdrop.

Monthly Bonus 1 – 1 Million Trybe tokens, distributed proportionately to the top 50 token holders.

Monthly Bonus 2 – 1 Million Trybe tokens will be distributed proportionately to the top 10 token holders.

*December 11th 2018 Airdrop does not require 25 days Staking (ALL OTHER DATES REQUIRE STAKING)


How To Stake Your TRYBE Tokens?

If you purchase tokens from the Pre-Sale or have earned them on the Trybe platform then your tokens are already considered staked (Just don’t move them), however make sure you have linked your EOS wallet to your Trybe account with Scatter or you won’t get the Airdrops!

If you have purchased them on exchange and are holding them in your wallet, then link your EOS wallet to Scatter, and sign in to your Trybe Wallet. You will be able to stake your Trybe Tokens from here.


How to Buy More Trybe Tokens?

As of writing this you are able to buy TRYBE on the exchanges Dexeos & Newdex. 

You can also purchase Trybe Tokens from their Token (Pre) Sale till Sometime in February, according to the countdown.

NEWDEX exchange –

DEXEOS exchange –

Trybe Token Sale –


Tips to Earn More Trybe Tokens:

Posting quality content to Trybe is a very good way to accumulate more tokens. Do not post spam articles or misleading titles to content, as his is a sure fire way to get bad reviews and lose the tokens you’ve earned. Post constructive content, and inform and help others, try to build a following and find people who will read more of your future posts. Also make sure to share your content on you’re other social channels.

You will also discover the community is active here and very rewarding those who participate in the discussions and help others. So make sure you write constructive comments about people articles, ask and answer questions, and a must do, is to respond to those who comment on your posts.

If  you want some help to get some feedback on your new blog posts and some help promoting them, then there’s an Official Trybe Promotion Group on Telegram where you can share your new posts with others and help them with theirs. (Link Below)


Final Check List to Recieve Airdrops:

  1.  Must have an EOS Wallet
  2.  Must Have Scatter Installed –
  3. Must Connect your EOS wallet to your Trybe account with Scatter
  4. Must have Purchased or Earned Trybe Tokens
  5. Must have Tokens staked for 25 days prior to airdrop date

As long as you make sure to you’ve completed all these tasks, you will be sure to receive the maximum amount of tokens during each airdrop.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this article or found it helpful then your review is greatly appreciated. Also make sure to follow me here on Trybe for more content like this, and maybe check out some of my other articles. Alternately you can follow me on Twitter – Click Here

If you have any Questions or just want to leave some feedback then drop a comment below and i’ll get back to you.

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  1. Phillip

    Thanks, it is good to know the tokens have to be staked for 25 days in order to get the airdrop! Hurry up and get your tokens people. The sooner the better!

    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      Hopefully people see this before they realize their coins need to be staked to get the airdrops. It’s not 100% clear on the airdrop page. (It is there though)



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