Hello everyone. This is EOSDAQ (EOS-based DEX).
We are starting a Guerilla EOS Airdrop #1!
Exchange your tokens on our brand-new trading page and receive EOS airdrops!
Also, we listed 4 more tokens today.
Please see below for all details!

1. Guerilla EOS Airdrop #1
– Start: Nov 15th 6:00 pm KST (9:00am UTC)
– End: Nov 16th 6:00 pm KST (9:00am UTC)
– What: We are airdropping EOS to Top 5 traders (accounts)
(1st place: 5 EOS, 2nd place: 4 EOS, 3rd place: 3 EOS, 4th place: 2 EOS, 5th place: 1 EOS)
– Participate: https://eosdaq.com/exchange/
– Airdrop will be done within 3 hours after the end of event.
– There will be more Guerrilla events! Stay tuned!

2. EOSDAQ: Release of “GUNMETAL”
– “GUNMETAL” is the name of EOSDAQ’s new trading(exchange) page.
– Experience the brand-new EOSDAQ at https://eosdaq.com/exchange/
– Also, you can now use EOSDAQ without confirming your email address!

3. Additional Token Listing
– 4 more tokens are now listed on EOSDAQ today!
– Time: November 15th, 6:00pm KST (9:00am UTC)
– Tokens
1) WECASH (weos)
2) PSO (Crypto Peso)

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