EOS Dapps





Trybe.one is a tokenized knowledge and content sharing network. Do you want to create great content and get rewarded for it? Or learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

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TokenPocket is a mobile wallet for EOS, as well as being a portal to a whole range of EOS dapps and tools, including games, exchanges, and many others. 

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Scatter is like Metamask for Ethereum, and it allows you to interact with almost all EOS dapps and websites without having to enter in your private key each time. 

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The EOSToolkit is your Swiss army knife for the EOS blockchain. It includes all the features you need to perform almost any action on EOS. 

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Greymass Wallet

The Greymass wallet is one of the most useful of the EOS desktop wallet apps! Send tokens, manage resources, vote, and a range of other functions from all your EOS accounts. 

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Newdex describes itself as “The first decentralized exchange of the world.” Of all existing EOS blockchain focused exchanges, the most comprehensive portfolio of trading pairs is available on Newdex showing significant trading volume.

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DEXEOS is a decentralized exchange which offers a comprehensive portfolio of EOS token trading pairs with high trading volume and reasonable liquidity.

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Chaince is a centralized exchange for EOS tokens. As with all centralized exchanges, a registration and KYC verification are required for trading. CHAINCE has issued the CET token which is listed on various other exchanges A variety of airdrops and incentives are provided for holding CET on the exchange.

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FINDEX is one of the rare, genuinely decentralized exchanges on the EOS blockchain. All transactions are managed within a smart contract and stored on-chain, allowing maximum transaction security. Therefore, deposits or withdrawals are unnecessary on FINDEX. The achieved speed offers allow fast and seamless trading.

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EOSDAQ allows limit orders with near real-time trading without deposit and withdrawal, while it can be considered as a real DEX which is based on a smart contract working on-chain. The trading speed offers significant advantages to arbitrage traders.

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Lumeos is a mobile decentralised information and survey dapp. All the information that you share on Lumeos incentivises you personally rather than private companies taking data from you and selling it themselves.

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EOS Portfolio

EOS Portfolio is an app to help you organise all of your EOS tokens and keep track of how much a wallet is worth. All that is required is a EOS account name and that’s it. It will give you information on how much each token is worth and how many you have.

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Prospectors is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) game build on EOS. The game is build with tons of exciting and fun features such as a free market economy, a fully decentralized world and real cash rewards.

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EOS Knights

EOS Knights is a gaming dapp that is a slight take on old dungeon crawler games. If you like to fight craft and earn EOS then you might like this. It can found on either PC, IOS or Google Play.

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BetDice has rapidly become one of the most popular Dapps on EOS. It contains a range of games that can be played with various different EOS tokens. 

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CryptoPix brings artists from all around the world together to unite in bringing a new canvas to life with their own unique styles and drawing every single day. There is nothing to lose when participating as drawing is completely feeless and requires the user to only stake their tokens in order to participate.

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Challenge DAPP

“We believe companies will jump at the opportunity to market to world’s first, and perhaps the most sophisticated Blockchain generated list of active gym goers and players concerned about their fitness.”

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EOS Black

eosBLACK is a sister chain to the EOS Mainnet that is pursuing active leadership in enhancing and advancing the EOSIO software.

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