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Far far away in the cryptogalaxy a brave CRASH team was mining EOS on a Crypton planet. They were working hard to mine a lot. They have one common dream - SpaceLambo. Sometimes, when CPU fuel was running out, CRASH team was forced to come back home to have some rest and refuel their CRASH spaceship - Aurora.


One day, after productive mining with full spaceship of EOS, CRASH team was coming back home… But some shit happened - they got into the crypteroids belt.



Aurora is damaged, warp drive is not working, CPU almost gone… It looks like Aurora is doomed for a scam.



But fortunately there were a lot of real space gamblers near! They can help Aurora to survive.
There is a space gap in a few boost years and the only way to come back home is to get there. Boost Aurora to enter a space gap and CRASH space team will reward you!


Space gamblers! Aurora has a chance to survive and get to the space gap… but only with your help by opening booster gates.
You just need to choose a right range to create a booster for Aurora.



Will you boost Aurora or leave CRASH team in trouble?

Once spaceship is on it’s way it can go through booster gates that were opened by gate creators. The narrower booster gate is - more forceful it gets, however you need to be very accurate, because spaceship navigation system is damaged and Aurora picks it`s route to a space gap randomly!


Moreover, that brave one, who dared to place the most forceful gate will launch Aurora directly to the Space Gap. Thus, grateful for being saved, CRASH space team sends all EOS reward to him!

If there are 2 or more gates with similar force that boosted Aurora - space team will divide the reward proportionally between creators of such gates.


Unfortunately…. sometimes shit happens again


If there are no gates on the Aurora`s way, it will crash and team will die.. and all accumulated EOS in the round will go to the Astropool. Only your booster gates can help Aurora to survive after the crypteroids belt and come back home!





All fights for Aurora’s life will take place in various Galaxies. Every Galaxy has a different bet size, so all space gamblers will have a possibility to choose that one, which is the most appropriate for them.
The first Aurora`s journey passes through the Milky way Galaxy, known for its numerous quantity of brave space gamblers that is ready to help Aurora with 0.2 EOS bet.


How to play?


EosCrash Aurora is a first Multiplayer PvP Dice game on EOS blockchain. It is absolutely unique, progressive and exciting game, where you can compete against other players and get profit.

Start playing

Once you logged in you can choose the Galaxy* with the bet, which is suitable for you. Then you need to create booster gates** in order to help Aurora to get a space gap. Gates creation is equal to bet placing. You will see transaction confirmation after the gate is created, which is actually EOS token transfer with custom memo.
The maximum Galaxy capacity is 20 space gamblers. For now there is only one Galaxy available - Milky Way with 0.2
EOS for bet. Soon new ones with bigger bets will be added, so everyone will find the most comfortable Galaxy for space gambling.

*Galaxy - playing room with fixed bet amount for each round.
**Booster gates - a number range which Aurora can pass from your point of view

Playing process

Once spaceship is on it’s way it can go through booster gates that were opened by gate creators*. The narrower booster gate is - more forceful it gets and the most powerful launch Aurora directly to space gap. Grateful for being saved, crew sends all EOS reward to the creator of the most forceful gate, that was passed by Aurora in this round.
If there are no gates on the way, Aurora crashes and crew dies! All
EOS gathered in the round goes to Astropool**.
If there are
2 or more gates with similar force - Aurora will divide the reward proportionally between creators of such gates.





*Gate creators - players in the round
**Astropool - Jackpot on the Aurora game



Also, you have an opportunity to turn on Auto Bet option to minimize time for those, who are bored to bet manually each round. This option will stake you bets automatically with the gates force you choose.


Is one for Crash game and Aurora.
The size and number of winners of GIVEAWAY depends on the total wagered sum of that day. Maximum GIVEAWAY amount is
8000 EOS.


For that prize will fight only those players that get the biggest amount of achieved points! Points are equal to placed bet in Crash and Aurora games or equal to Bet * multiplier in Crash game if you won in the round!



Aurora only started its long journey in the space depth!
Be with CRASH team and you`ll get what you deserved…


Play Aurora here !

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  1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Looks like a fun game if there are a lot of people playing this game (PvP). However, if you are the only one playing I think the house should not take a cut when the person wins and it should be like any other “DICE” game where you get paid proportionally to the size of your booster gate. Because right now if you are a single player and you “win” you are actually loosing some of your wager to the rake. Instead, if a single player plays and wins pay out based on size of booster gate and if lose don’t put to the Astropool jackpot . Only have the rake (house take) and Astropool when there are multiple players. Ultimately, when more players start to play it will become the PvP that it was meant to be. Thanks for creating a unique game on the EOSIO blockchain! Cheers!

    1. EosCrash Post author

      Really grateful for your opinion, Ian! We`re still working on it to make it as functional and comfortable for playing as possible, but we already have some interesting decision that will be deployed asap!
      Thanks you, Ian and Happy New Year!



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