October 1st is here which means part 2 of the EOS vs ETH DAPP stats comparison. Part 1 can be found at http://dev1.trybe.one/eos-dapps-vs-eth-dapps-september-2018/.

In this article and video below, we look at the DAPP stats for both EOS and ETH and compare them to the stats of one month ago on September 1, 2018.

EOS DAPPs October 2018

EOS DAPPs have seen large growth over the last month. EOSBet has held the number 1 spot in terms of 24hr transactions on both September 1st and October 1st but the transactions have grown (208,522 Tx 24h on September 1st vs 366,424 Tx 24h on October 1st).

The overall growth in transactions on EOS is apparent with 22 EOS DAPPs over 1,000 Tx 24h today vs 7 EOS DAPPs over 1,000 Tx 24h one month ago on September 1st.

The “Pixel” games seem to be the new hot game on EOS with multiple games seeing an increase in users and transaction volume.

ETH DAPPs October 2018

A comparison of ETH DAPPs paint a picture opposite of EOS. The top ETH DAPPs have seen a drastic reduction in users and 24 Tx volume as compared to one month ago.

IDEX users are down from 1,941 a month ago to 1,353 today and 24h Tx volume is down from 15,605 on September 1st to 10,552 today. CryptoKitties has seen a reduction in users from 406 last month to 370 today and a fall in 24h Tx from 9,987 to 4,959.

ETH Dwindling, EOS Continuing to Grow

The hit to ETH DAPPs is more drastic then I thought we would see. With options like EOS to build a DAPP on, it is clear ETH is going to struggle from a DAPP growth perspective. EOS DAPPs listed on Dappradar increased from 24 one month ago to 75 today. I expect for the EOS numbers of users and transactions to continue to grow and it will be interesting to see what the numbers are like in another month.

The video below goes over the numbers for EOS vs ETH DAPPs for September 2018 vs October 2018


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  1. TRUTH

    Nice info analysis,,,, very interesting. Now if EOS can get more than just gambling (whether Dice or CryptoExchanges),,,,, always just “gambling”,,,, :(.

  2. blackpanther

    get ready for more EOS FUD once the rest of the crypto market realize this. We need that free marketing from the FUD. Thanks for your EOS contribution

  3. sandwichbill

    Yeah, I did a post that mentioned the way EOS dApps were forging ahead of Eth dApps in terms of number of users and weekly tx, so it’s interesting to read this.