As some of you might of noticed EOS has a huge CPU problem. If you games alot be it gambling or EOS Knights you will very quickly encounter CPU problems with any account with less then 100 EOS. I believe this is really holding EOS back and if its not fixed EOS will fail. Lucky several seamless solutions are on there way and some will soon to be released. Here are 5 solutions in the works to solve CPU problems.


The REX which is coming very soon btw has more then 1 way to solve the CPU issue. We all know what the REX is by now so im not explaining it but other then the leasing of tokens they will also be adding in seamless transaction fees.  Now before everyone gets defensive about fees let me explain. If you dont want to lease CPU the REX will also lease per transaction which will look like a tiny fee. At the end of the day if you run out of CPU your account is usable for awhile people dont want the hassle of leasing, this will be inbuilt onto signing the transaction with scatter and will be so small it wont matter, Its about easy of use and easy scaling solution until multi-threading it out.

Dapps staking for you

Soon to be added is the ability for the dapp its self to automatically gift you CPU while using their dapp. Dapps like BetDice and EOS Knight will most likely offer this as they can afford it.

Test net running at 17k TPS

They have got the test net running 17000 translations per second more TPS the more CPU we all get simple 🙂


This is the long term scaling solution that has always been the goal for EOS, Think of EOS as having 1 lane on the road all cars have to get from point A the point B in one lane, Multi-threading is when you add more lanes, more lanes = more cars (TPS).

Public Accounts

We all know about not your keys not your money but most people simply dont care. Public accounts are when a dapp runs there own account in the back ground so uses dont even know they are on the blockchain, This is good in 2 ways it makes it way easier for uninterested uses to be part of it and also means they will provide all the CPU you need to use the dapp.

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  1. Muhammad yani

    Thanks ,
    Immediate improvement is better, than having to postpone it, keep abreast of your posts, hopefully other interested people will soon realize to do it immediately …

  2. Ilia

    The processor speed has recently decreased a lot and we need to put more tokens in the steak for normal operation. I 4 times increased the steak for normal operation of the processor. Thanks for the article @Cryptoslice



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