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  • EOS – State of Onboarding as of December 8

We are in midst of a crypto ice storm, as the long expected (final?) break of Bitcoin below the 6K water mark has happened. That has dragged all altcoins with it, and EOS has suffered especially,  taking even greater losses than the other top 10 coins. This is has come as a bit of surprise, since, if you look what happens in the eco-system, one would assume, eos should be rather resilient. Unfortunately eos mastermind Dan himself has with a few rash comments after too short a shower (to be fully awake) harmed EOS price more than the BCHABCSVWTF clowns have managed. My worries are less that he leaves b1, but that with those comments he has implicitly acknowledged, that EOS has flaws, for which even he as the founder doesn’t see a way to solve via architectural changes of eos. Mega ouch! But enough of ranting, let’s have a look at the hard facts and once again crunch some numbers.

As every month, i have used EOS New Yorks snapshot service to see how many EOS accounts have been created, because that’s the base for usage. With now nearly 600k accounts, we are despite the intensifying crypto winter heading in the right direction and the rate of account creation of about 3000 accounts by day is unbroken:

As quite a few have argued, accounts, although taking more effort to setup on EOS than with BTC or ETH, are not synonymous with identity. So a clearer picture provides us coinmetrics, who look into active accounts per month. Here as well the picture for EOS is bright, we have surpassed 100K accounts, up from around 70 in October, whereas BTC and ETH have been at best been stable, for the remainder of the year.

Source: Coinmetrics

EOS the gambling platform?

As always Dappradar is an excellent resource to see what happens on EOS. Undisputedly gambling is currently the major use case for users, and apparently to investors as well. Compared to last month, the number of non-gambling dapps in the top 50 has even dropped from 20 to 14:

So are these bleak times, for any other applications for EOS? Well, first if you look at the usage of ETH dapps, the best apps have a few hundred users, whereas EOS knights, the most busy non-gambling dapp, has now around 4k users, eat this cryptokitties! You might be aware that more complex apps need more time to develop, but how can we trace this?
What i can tell is, that after a long silence the more complex dapps are being launched just now: Karma and Prospectors are going into beta, i have missed the Emanate airdrop, Infiniverse has launched, Mythical Games has made a big investment move just to name a few. So things are getting into motion, but of course this doesn’t reflect in numbers as of yet, as it’s still a work in progress. Important take away: those projects haven’t gone away. They have been building behind the scenes. 

EOS mainnet gets long overdue competition.

And as expected right before Christmas, the two major side chains that have been announced, Worbli  and Telos (just yesterday) are launching. Whereas Telos chain is still in the process of launching, if i look at the Worbli Telegram, this seems really busy, so there should be quite a few users now, who have performed KYC.  Hopefully we will get some number from them soon! I’ve done it after getting the information on governance, and their terms and it went super smooth, well the process might be easily done in western europe, but still, all this went much much smoother, than on various exchanges, so definitely a new benchmark here.

Anyhow adoption for those chains will solely depend on the dapps provided, so it will be interesting to see, what launches their, Worbli already announced 2 major applications, Telos hasn’t disclosed anything concrete as of yet, but said, many dapps are in the making.

Last but not least, mostly unnoticed in the English speaking realm, EOS force a asian focused EOSio sidechain has already launched in July. Jacques Whales just recently provided an interview with one of their team!

What makes those sidechains so important for the ecosystem, for one they can cover special applications for the chain, as does Worbli, but also of importance ist their contribution to a wide spread of governance and resource structures, e.g. running a dapp on Telos should be much more affordable than on EOS mainnet. And if the mainchain proves to run corrupt, there are alternatives in governance available. Switching would be easy.

Anyhow, although those bleak times, there is light, patient seems to be the virtue of that time, and hope, that the projects don’t exhaust in such an unfriendly environment.

Do you know of any dapps that are building up behind the scenes, i haven’t mentioned?
Any metrics to add?
What’s your stance on EOS onboarding?

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Very useful series @conceptskip. Telos now too has launched – as you note it’s the dApps they deploy that matter. I remain bullish on EOS given – funding/developer team of nearly 100 and high numbers of users relative to other projects but it might be 2-3 yrs before real appreciation occurs.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Yes i too remain bullish, more than ever. Sure not all things are as they have been promised, but still the ecosystem and the community is strong and a lot of things are coming up. Current prices don’t refelct this at all…

  2. Cryptoslice

    love these post. EOS has a cpu problem but they will be solved very soon using a number of different ways, in the end you wont notice anything different just the problem gone. im doing a post about it soon 🙂

  3. Miguel A. Cabanes

    I understand that people have misinterpreted Dan’s message first for fear and second for distrust, but I think it’s just that: a misinterpretation.
    I think he just tried to say that, as a genius, he needs to expand and try to do other things, but that does not mean he leaves EOS or that if he were temporarily absent, he would not leave it in good hands (a team of 100 engineers).
    In fact yesterday I saw a video of him in which he throws himself in free fall from an airplane.
    He likes strong emotions.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Thank you for this very nuanced comment… maybe a more nuanced one as i have given. And i agree with all arguments you give. But still i am not convinced…. the way he presents is quite revealing what he seems to think, no matter what his immediate next actions would be…. anyhow… i might be exaggerating…. what b1 needs to do is now to deliver on promises…. and for that i d tend to be optmistic: new 1.5 release is out, rex in testing, thats the kind of news I’d like to hear more of!

  4. Workin2005

    Excellent summary of the current situation. Dan’s comments certainly don’t make me feel warm and fuzzy…but they’re not all that surprising either. This is the Wild West. He’d be crazy not to have a few irons in the fire.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      You are totally right, nothing is for sure, and as a brilliant head it’s natural to think out of the box. But Dan is also the top executive of a now billion dollar company, so a bit more diplomatic approach is requested, if not for his own investment at least for the company he represents, and the community he spearheads.