This is a new series I will be doing in which we look at EOS dapp stats and ETH dapp stats every month.  I will take screen shots of the dapp stats provided by Dappradar and record a video on it on the first of the month, every month from here on out.

The Screenshots below are the EOS dapps listed on Dappradar September 1, 2018 (Dappradar just started listing EOS Dapps and only list 24 on September 1, so next month we could see big changes in terms of which dapps are at the top with the addition of more dapps).  The EOS screenshot is followed by a screenshot of the ETH dapps on September 1, 2018.  Both are sorted by 24hr TX volume.



Comparing both dapps in the number 1 spot (EOSBet and IDEX), EOSBet transactions over the last 24hr is almost double the transactions of IDEX over the past 7 days!

On a dice to dice comparison, it is not even close.  EOSBet (208,522 Tx 24h, 1,088,506 Tx 7d) vs dice2win (8,852 Tx 24h, 68,449 Tx 7d)

It will be interesting to see where the dapps are at one month from now, but one thing is already clear…  EOS is already killing ETH in terms of transaction volume!






  1. sandwichbill

    Thanks, I came across this article on Discord after publishing something about dApps today and posting the link in the post promotion. It’s certainly noticeable how EOS dApp volume is increasing compared to those on Ethereum, which isn’t surprising, because the user experience is much better and Ethereum badly needs dApps scaling solutions.

  2. CryptosDecrypted

    Very useful post, great idea to make it a monthly comparative. Hopefully, EOSBet will not remain the king Dapp for too long, so many better things to use EOS for (in my opinion).