Come back with me @amriadits, after a few days there was no post. Alhamdulillah, last night I took the time to attend the grand opening of “Keude Trieng Kupi” in front of the Da’wahTambun Board of Education and Training Center. While feeling the pleasure of Acehnese coffee and Acehnese noodles for free last night.

This Keude Trieng Kupi serves a variety of Aceh coffee and also the typical culinary Nanggroe Aceh. The owner Keude Trieng Kupi is Mr. Sabri Abdul Gani. On this occasion, I, together with my friends from Pemuda Atjeh Seurantau (PAS) who attended the Grand Opening, immediately enjoyed the typical Acehnese kupi dish served by Muhammad Arrayan (son of Pak Sabri).

Pasukan Tanyoe Pemuda Atjeh Seurantau

While talking about Aceh coffee and Acehnese noodles, we also had time to discuss some of the latest things. The rest is as usual as other grand openings which of course are centered on Keude Trieng Kupi’s talker and future keude model.

Plans will be the installation of Wifi in Keude Trieng Kupi. This is to attract customers and also hopefully can run communication around a digital business. Including the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency issues that are currently growing rapidly in Aceh.

Tgk. Farhan Teungoeh Geurasa Mie Aceh Keude Trieng Kupi

The Grand Opening is open simple and for visitors to the grand opening, it’s free to enjoy coffee and Acehnese noodles.

For all friends who want to enjoy Aceh coffee in Tambun Selatan, please come to Keude Trieng Kupi on Jl. Kp. Bulu Setiamekar Tambun Selatan Bekasi. His position is right in front of the Da’wah Council Education and Training Center Complex.

Tgk. Arrayan Teungoeh Geusareng Kupi

Most likely later I will often hang out there while posting on the Blockchain of course. For residents of Tambun and Bekasi in general who want to learn about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, we will discuss it there. Greetings Patriot. []

Salam Special




  1. Cornel

    So glad to see how people from all around the world now have access to use BlockChain to post about their daily life and be paid for doing so.

    Greetings to Tambun! 🙂