Emanate has just passed the 12-month anniversary of our business and technical development. Before EOS, we worked on a prototype using the Muse blockchain, and once we set our sight on EOS, we began development using the various software releases in the lead-up to main net launch. Emanate has made massive progress since main-net launch and in the last few weeks, we have shared videos of our demo platform:

Emanate demo at Blockchain Live filmed by EOS New York

Emanate appoints Anthony Smith and Ross Dold

Emanate has announced the appointment of Anthony Smith and Ross Dold as co-appointed, acting-Chief Technology Officers.

Ross Dold and Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is the CTO of Autonomous Group and Ross Dold from EOSphere BP, and bring with them a wealth of experience, to help guide the technical planning aspects of the project.

Anthony has 20 years of technical leadership and hands-on engineering experience from a C++ background. Anthony’s experience is complemented by EOS Block producer Ross Dold. Ross has been an excellent partner to Emanate since April this year, and he helped launch the EOS main net alongside the world’s top EOS Block Producers.

Ross and John (EOSphere) with CTO of Block.One, Dan Larimer, at Blockchain Live in London

Anthony and Ross step in as Emanate Co-Founder, Pedro Colaco, steps away from the project. We have begun a search for a permanent CTO replacement but in the meantime, Emanate is in good hands:

New advisors from the EOS Block Producer community

New EOS technical advisor team

The Emanate team has been strengthening relationships within the EOS community, through EOS meet-ups and conferences in Korea and China in July this year. As a result of this Emanate has welcomed Igor e Silva, Michael Yeates and Nathan Rempel, as technical advisors.

Michael Yeates is a founder of eosDAC, the community-powered Block Producer. eosDAC is also the provider of DAC toolkits for projects, and with a new member client launching soon, eosDAC will play a key role in the development of the Emanate governance systems.

Igor e Silva is the founder of EOSRio and is one of the most respected technicians in the EOS Block producer network, and EOSRio is consistently in the top 21. The team behind SimplEOS have a lot more up their sleeves.

Nathan Rempel is the developer behind the famous GenerEOS EOS toolkit. Nathan is a highly active member of the EOS community and Emanate have already taken his claimable.token contract as a base for our EMANATE (EMT) contract; we have developed some new parameters to support our unlocking phases. These are currently in code review but will be made public in the Emanate GitHub for community use.

EOS Engineer

Ignatius Widjaja

We have also made a fulltime EOS c++ engineer hire, Ignatius Widjaja. Iggy has a sound technical background in engineering combined with substantial professional experience. As a musician and passionate blockchain developer, Iggy’s appointment is a solid addition to the Emanate team.


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