Time is money! How much is your time? How much time do you spend answering emails? Can your opinion have a price? Someone is willing to pay to know your opinion? Have you ever wondered how much you would be willing to pay for an answer from a CEO of a major company or a nerd hacker who spends his nights hacking computer networks? For Earn yes! Earn is an application that allows you to earn bitcoins (indeed, to be precise is better to say satoshi!) Simply expressing your opinion on a certain topic. Earn is a really interesting service and now I will explain how it works.


First of all you need to register. Earn is available either through direct access on the web, or through its dedicated app that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Once registered, you must edit and complete your profile, indicate your interests, and write a brief description of yourself. This part is very important because as you can understand, you will be contacted much more if your profile is interesting and able to stimulate someone’s curiosity. If you want, you can also decide the price that is worth your answer! For example, if you are a youtuber, you will surely have received so many questions about the subject of your video. You may have answered many of these questions, but how many others have simply ignored them. Through this service you can request a small amount for an answer. Probably this will be a good filter that will send you the questions only of people really interested and will avoid spending time, even gaining with your time.

Earn, however, is a very useful platform for most people, not necessarily influencers. Once you have finished editing your profile, in fact, you just have to wait to be contacted to start making money! And I assure you that you will be contacted.

Earn will ask you to do some small tasks, like answering some simple questions, sign up for a telegram group or follow a twetter profile. Once the requested activity has been completed, the established sum converted into bitcoin will immediately be deposited on your account. For example, if $ 1 USD is offered to perform a given task, the bitcoin fee will be deposited to your account at the end of the activity. The time required for these tasks is very little. Sometimes it takes less than 1 minute. Obviously it will be possible to withdraw the accumulated sum at any time and move it to a proper wallet or Coinbase directly.


What has just been described is perhaps the most relevant aspect for most people, but I think it is very interesting also to be able to write directly to an expert in a specific area of ​​interest. Earn in fact pwermette to write directly to a CEO, or a Social Marcketing expert, or a Programmer and to pay for his authoritative answer. Obviously the person you want to contact is more influential, higher and the price that is required! But I believe that sometimes, having an opinion from the best, is priceless!

If you want to register and start making money, here is the link:





  1. Justin

    I’ve been an Earn user for >7 months & have made a non-trivial amount of money by completing simple tasks (almost all of which involve learning about a new product/service that I would have sought to learn more about, anyway, if I had heard about it before Earn; Nexo, Blox, Civil, Abra, Berminal, Argo Mining are all products/services I regularly use and first heard about via Earn). I also run a Monero mining farm and can say that while mining is significantly more satisfying, I’m also a huge nerd; most people would not want to deal with the upkeep or heat produced by running this equipment in a downtown Seattle apartment. On the other hand, I frankly can’t imagine anyone that shouldn’t have an Earn profile – you can ignore whatever you want, and every now and then you get $1-5-10 in exchange for basically watching a commercial and signing up for their mailing list.