Being a “learning by doing” type of person, I have made a new game to play with EOS & Trybe tokens.

This time with a little bit enhanced UI and increased React experience.

I called this game Dungeon Hunt.

The login screen gives all the information on the game play.

As you click on the monsters, the below opening window will give the information about how to hunt that monster.


For playing, you have to login with your Scatter account.

Only after login, you will see the gaming UI.

You can choose to play with EOS or TRYBE.

You can adjust the bet amount while for EOS min bet is 0.1 EOS and max bet is 1 EOS.

For TRYBE, min bet is 10 TRYBE and max bet is 100 TRYBE.

What you have to do is first choose a monster to hunt, then roll 3 dices by pressing ROLL button and wait for the result of the hunt.

There are 5 types of monsters you can choose to hunt.

1- Rats : Very weak, HP is only 7. This means, you can hunt a rat with 7 total of 3 dices. But the reward of hunting a rat is very low.

2- Goblins: Weak. HP is 9. This means, you can hunt a rat with 9 total of 3 dices. The reward of hunting a goblin is 1.2 times the bet amount.

3- Orcs: Average power. HP is 11. You can hunt an Orc with 11 total of 3 dices. The reward of killing an Orc is 1.8 times the bet.

4- Trolls: Strong monsters. It is risky to chase a Troll. HP is 13 and it pays back. The reward of killing a Troll is 3.5 times the bet.

5- Dragon: A dragon is not a monster to mess with! HP is 15 and you have only 10% chance of killing a dragon. But the bounty is 9.5 times the bet, so it is worth a shot for the bold only.

As you choose the monster and click roll, you will be asked to send the bet ( hunting cost ) via Scatter.

As you accept sending the hunting cost, you will be informed on the block number and transaction ID of the transaction.

Then you will have a nice dice rolling animation ( i hope this works fine on the server!) and be informed on the result.

The reward will be transferred immidiately to your account and you will se it at the top right corner.

I really had fun making this game and I hope you will enjoy playing it.

The game will be live as beta again this week ( I still have some kinks to solve!)

I would really appreciate any feed-back on the gameplay or improvement ideas of any kind.


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  1. AD

    Nooooooooo! The gambler in me wants to play it right now!
    The game looks like a lot of fun. I envy you for being able to make it.
    How long did it take you?
    What edge does the house have in this one?

    1. firedream Post author

      Lol! Then I recommend you to wait for evolution of this game. This is just an early beta with more gambling and less strategy.
      What I have in mind is :
      – The monsters will defend with 2 dice and the HP drop will be difference of 3 dice attack – 2 dice defence.
      – If the monster doesn’t die with one shot it will attack you back with 3 dice and you will defend with 2 dice.
      – The player will have rogue, priest and warrior class with balanced attack and HP so you can choose your strategy ( high attack-low HP, low attack-high HP or balanced )
      – The game will finish when you or the monster is dead!

      It will still involve too much luck, so it can be called as gambling but it will have more strategy involved.
      I am not yet at a dev level to apply all I have in my mind but I will be learning as I do.




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