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One exciting thing about life is the fact that we humans are very unique beings. No matter how many things we tend to have in common, and how much our need for community grows, we remain individuals at the very core. Some people see life through the pessimistic lens, others look through the optimistic lens. Some like to live one day at a time, while some like to envision stuff and create an entire universe out of nothing. In this world of evils that we live in, it’s very easy to be a pessimist, seeing no way anything good can possibly happen. After all, that’s the current tide and who in their right mind will want to swim against the tide.

This possibly explains the reason why dreamers are sometimes tagged “crazy”.

Being a dreamer is a tough act to pull. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose which side of the tide we’ll flow with. Or do we? Majority of people tend to find it extremely difficult to understand the rationale behind the actions of a dreamer. 9 out of 10 times, these actions look insane and shouldn’t even be embarked on by normal thinking people but dreamers don’t see it this way. This conflict always grows and ends up leading up to bigger issues. Everyone says what they think is the right thing to do, the dreamer insists on doing the exact opposite, and there is, inadvertently, a fallout.

In her lifetime, the dreamer will make way too many crazy decisions not because she thinks they’ll work out but because she kinda doesn’t really have a choice. Think about those situations where your head is telling you something but you just do the opposite; the dreamer goes through this like every time.

These strings of crazy decisions make it almost impossible for other “sane” people to understand and follow along with the dreamer on her journey through life. Not everyone can handle failures. Not everyone has the capacity to just sit and wait. Not everyone has the strength to keep breaking things till they finally get it right. Not everyone can keep going even when there’s clearly nothing left to fight for.

The dreamer sees the destination, knows what needs to be done (even though they don’t know what exactly needs to be done), and keeps trudging till they reach that destination. People around may think she’s just building castles in the sky. They may think she’s proud, arrogant and doesn’t want to live like the rest of the world. The dreamer will be called many different names but the name calling isn’t the worst thing that’ll befall her – the lost relationships is.

One heartbreaking part of every dreamer’s story is the relationships they had to lose on their way to the destination they had all figured out in their head. At the end of the day, you can’t really blame people for leaving or walking away. The dreamer sees what no one else sees. Maybe if these people were able to see the same thing, they’ll probably be more inclined to stick around. Unfortunately, there’s no technology to make us view what the dreamer sees in her head.

Dreamers also do not necessarily make good “tellers”. Many find it difficult to explain vividly to others the things they see. You can sense the excitement in her voice when she talks about this future she sees but you can hardly make sense of the words coming out of her mouth. You find yourself nodding or just staring blankly (if you’re the type to not hide your feelings). It can be very difficult having to put up with a dreamer. There are very few feelings that are worse than being in the dark concerning an issue and not seeing any visible progress.

Pessimists will do the dreamer no good. Situations could be more favorable if the dreamer were to be a billionaire. A broke dreamer? You have your work cut out for you! Due to the aforementioned issues, it’s clearly very difficult for anyone to take a dreamer seriously or be patient enough to stick around and see them actualize their dreams. So the inevitable loss of relationships comes to the fore.

As heartbreaking as it is, she cannot let it derail her. In the grand scheme of things, the actualization of the dream is way more important than current feelings. The purpose is way more important than the pain. She recognizes that everything happening is temporary and are just stops on the route to her destination. The longer she stays at these stops, the longer it’ll take her to reach her destination. And if for any reason she allows these stops prevent her from moving forward, there’s no way she’ll possibly get to her destination.

The journey to the dream, even though it shouldn’t be, can be a very lonely one. In a world where everyone is moved by what they see in the now, nobody really has the time, capacity, and patience to believe in any future event.

“Oh, You’re going to own the second largest company in the world someday but you’re just a bookseller right now? How’s that even possible?”

The rest of the world cares about right now. The dreamer can’t afford to be caught up in that web so she lets go of every baggage trying to weigh her down. It’s never a fun thing to do but purpose over pain every time! The dreamer needs no baggage.

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