Market taking a plunge, straight down
People freaking out, in debt they drown
BTC at 3.4K, surely this is not okay,
ETH at lowest price since 2017 they say,

EOS really hurting, at the $1.5 stays flirting,
BCH forking, direction not for sure, boing
Enthusiasts remain loyal to their coin
TRYBE is growing, new members showing

Tokens sales are up, Christmas bonus 2 for 1
What a relief for pre-sale buyers, your onus
Big time buyers waiting, the moment, to get in
When market is really red, FUD scares the dead,

Selling everything, big buyers will steal the moment,
The weak will perish, buy when green, and fomo,
Happens every time, caught again, with pants down,
This I HODL, at those that sold, I will always frown,

This is crypto after all, and volatile, be patient,
Or become a patient of the bear, and then swear,
Be wise and learn on TRYBE, while you earn,
Buy tokens while cheap 2 for 1 before Christmas

You won’t be sorry, TRYBE is your community, yes
For when the market turns, you will smile,
And perhaps you will win and score in that while.
The future looks bright and filled wallets in sight.

Be aware of the whales waiting to buy in FUD,
Don’t FOMO when too late, the green is near BUD.

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks my friend, took me 20 minutes to compile, there is so much material on the site and the market at the moment, a writers dream, LOL
      Appreciate you reading and commenting as usual.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Yeah I think most people have been caught in the same situation, except those that either sold at the right time or bailed out too early and lost. I have been Hodling for quite a while now, so here’s hoping peter.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.
      mark (Zeus69)