1Many jobs at this time are the parameters of success, starting from being civil servants, police, military, or being employees of well-known companies. Many people are currently looking at jobs that do not have a fixed and large salary each month. As a person who is still relatively young, you have the right to make choices about work that you enjoy. If you are someone who likes agriculture and wants to work as a farmer, then there is nothing wrong with you being serious about it, especially at your young age. Plus if you do have a sufficient scientific base on agriculture, then you don’t need to hesitate anymore. Below will be given tips on how to become a farmer, especially for those of you who want to become farmers at a relatively young age.

Don’t be proud


You must have a feeling of pride in the work of being a farmer. Without farmers, people will not be able to get rice and food. Therefore, you do not need to feel proud of the job you choose. What’s more, the title of Indonesia as an agricultural country must be revived. As a young generation, there is nothing wrong with choosing a job as a farmer. Especially if you may be a graduate of agriculture, this is a good opportunity to practice the knowledge you have gained so far. Don’t think of other people who are civil servants or employees in large companies with large salaries. You must be proud because by becoming a farmer, you continue the generation that supports the food needs of this nation. And you also have to be proud because your knowledge is useful for the lives of others. How to be successful without being a prestigious farmer is guaranteed to make your business grow.

Take advantage of technology


Being a farmer does not mean you have to struggle continuously with plants. Being a farmer must also be technology literate. As a young person, of course you are very close to technology.

You can use this, one of which is to market your crops such as vegetables and fruit, or your own production seeds. In marketing agricultural products, you must have the right business partner.

You can also take advantage of social media that you have like Facebook and Instagram as your promotional media. To convince customers, include product photos and informative information so that consumers are interested in buying.



Being a farmer must also be creative. You can apply your creative power to the packaging of your agricultural products. If you produce organic rice, you can package it in thick plastic packaging that will make the rice last longer and remain good. You can also apply it to your vegetable and fruit packaging. Use your own brand label with a design that is attractive to consumers so that consumers are interested in buying it.

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