How to create nice and simple art for your room

Good day all, in this article I will be sharing a easy way to make art for any room in your house.

I found a way to be creative with just three items. Wood canvas (which is cheaper then normal canvas), White acrylic paint and Oil pastels. I bought three different sizes of wood canvas so that i could create a triptych, which really means three pieces of art divided into sections. Like you can see below.  ( This took me around 1 hour)

After I bought the canvases, I already had the paint and oil pastels, both of these items aren’t expensive. I started with painting the canvas with the white paint, covering the full surface. Then I  looked for some pictures, on the web, that I can get ideas from. This was to help people who simply just can’t think of what to paint/draw. By the time I was done looking for ideas, my paint was dry, I left it for around 20 minutes. I left the ideas on my computer screen so they can inspire me but best option would be to print out the pictures you chose. 

Lets use the flower example. Print out a picture of a flower and then cut out the shape of the flower roughly. Place the flower shape on your canvas and trace out the shape. This will help you see where you would want to draw. Once you have traced out the shape you then pick your favorite colours from the oil pastel pack, I picked 4 – 5 colours, it would be best to have colours that compliment each other and only pick a few. Then you draw out small lines around that shape, keep trying to switch the colours around. It doesn’t need to be perfect, have fun with it. Oil pastel on wood is not smooth so let the texture come out. Oil pastels can also be a little messy on the canvas and your fingers but that is okay if the mess gets onto your canvas, that is what makes art. As you can see below I didn’t colour it in, there is a little mess around the drawing. Just make simple lines, leaving some white in between. Then you should be done with your first canvas.

The other two canvases were done is a similar manner. Finding inspiration and drawing it out, using only my 4 – 5 colours so when all three canvas are put together it looks like one big art piece. I hope you enjoy this idea and have fun with it.


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  1. Zeus69

    Great post @aria, glad you joined TRYBE, fantastic artwork, I think you should go big with your creativity. Thanks for sharing, I will be back to rate, 2 day limit on rating.
    Mark (Zeus69)



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