1. Chintai Leasing EOS tokens


Chintai allows dApp creators to lease CPU and Network resources from token holders. It works like an exchange.

The advantage is that dApp developers do not need to do the initial upfront investment in EOS; this opens the doors to more potential dApps on the ecosystem. One disadvantage is that when leased the original owner of the tokens cannot vote with these tokens.

There is a risk that the smart contract is hacked.

2. Airdrops on EOS

Airdrops are free distribution of tokens.

There are several types

  • 100% free where anyone who has an account will get tokens
  • An action is needed to be done so the tokens can be airdropped.
  • No action needed, but token need to be in your account in order to get the airdrop

There have been already an important list of airdrops see here http://dev1.trybe.one/eos-airdrop-checklist/

Airdrops are used as an alternative to ICOs which have fallen out of favour by the end of 2018 due to the high number of unsuccessful projects.

3. Lending EOS tokens on Bitfinex


This is Controversial. Bitfinex provides a way to lend EOS tokens to margin traders. They use the lent EOS to leverage their trades. This provides more liquidity to the market. In the crypto space not being in control of your keys is a big no. There have been too many scams and hacks to trust third parties.

Bitfinex has an auto invest tool to keep lending tokens once a particular loan is finished, this makes this investment truly passive.

4. Staking tokens on EOS

Staking tokens allow you to earn more tokens. Karma, Horus Pay and EDNA are stakeable tokens. The staking tokens work through inflation, these tokens generate more of the same tokens.

It is important to note that it this type of staking is different from EOS Dice Games staking. When staking EOS dice tokens to participate as the house, the returns are not based on inflation but on economic transactions generated on the platform.

5. Referring users to EOS dApps

A lot of dApps have a referral link when users register on the dApp using this referral link, the referral link owner will earn a reward.

6. Boid


Boid is a social supercomputer, contribute computer power to social causes.  users can participate in crunching big data. The results will help research projects.

7. REX – EOS Resource Exchange

Resource exchange. Similar to Chintai, however, users need to vote in order to participate in the REX exchange. As of October 2018, this is not yet live.

See more articles on crypto passive income from http://www.NodesOfValue.com

  1. Masternodes 
  2. Staking CryptoCurrency 
  3. Passive income using Exchange coins.

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  1. Ian Jeffreys

    Thanks for the info! Your pros and cons on the Gambling Dapps write up on nodes of value should make people think about the possibility of these sites getting shut down because of no Gambling licence. REX or EOS lending clubs will be a great when implemented.
    Cheers! Ian



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