Every human being lives in togetherness, which of course each is there to need each other. Not surprising if in togetherness is susceptible to creating disputes, because in reality togetherness is present to unite a difference.

Sometimes that simple argument needs to be raised, so we know how sad it is to have feelings of hatred, With Togetherness we learn the meaning of understanding difference, From hating we can learn how sincere forgiveness is. Because Life is only temporary, then don’t waste time to hate someone. “Easily forgive, then you will find happiness.

What we are surprised about is a difference. Where the differences actually make a destruction, hate, berate, curse, harass and even kill each other. Where is the beautiful meaning of the colorful rainbow, which means day and night, which means heaven and earth, which means men and women, which means rich and poor. Where does all the difference mean?

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Kitchen spices and spices are different types and tastes. But when it is united in 1 pot it becomes various dishes. And really delicious … !!! Musical instruments various results of the sound, when put together in an orchestra will be a harmonious and beautiful music. Different colors … lined up together under the raindrops to be an amazing rainbow.

Why do we always argue about differences …Why because of differences … becomes a gap between our neighbors.

Isn’t Difference beautiful and peace is beautiful …Look at how beautiful the rainbow, the colorful and charming …It’s different, it’s beautiful and it’s harmony.

Differences were created to complement each other not to look for one another’s weaknesses or strengths With others, but in the presence of different colors life will be far more beautiful like a rainbow that adorns the sky.

Thank you for reading, hopefully it’s useful. Greetings Togetherness.

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