There is an app, little known, but, my opinion, one of the most complete and innovative to manage its cryptocurrency portfolio. It’s called Cryptonautic and can be downloaded for free from the main smartphone store.

The Cryptonautic’ graphics is less accurate than other more noble features, but from a purely functional point of view, it is nothing to envy to anyone but rather, the fact of being very light, totally free and without advertising, makes it more interesting. Through this you can create your own virtual wallet (or even more than one!) And follow the evolution of your investments. It is possible to manage all the crypto present in the coinmarketcap (one that is most probably the interface with the api available) and follow the trend in real time. The application retrieves data from the web and aggregates them so as to have a market price as accurate as possible.

But not only! The app is multilanguage and is supported the EUR / USD / GBP currency. It is possible to switch from one to BTC or ETH view and You can see a daily chart of a single crypto or portfolio and, as well weekly, monthly or annual.

It is also possible to define a series of alerts in order to be notified with a notification when the price of a crypto rises (or drops!) After a threshold or that its value increases (or decreases!) By a certain percentage.

I tried many similar applications, but nobody convinced me. Many of these applications have limitations that make them unusable without paying. For example, you can not add more than a number of coins in your wallet, or they have very advertising. Cryptonaut is completely free and without any limit of use. It is possible to create an account by which it will be easy to transfer the entire wallet on another smartphone. For me it is ideal for beginners of cryptovalute, because it is user friendly and not need special knowledge of finance or to interpret complex charts, but I would recommend it to even the most experienced who want to have a light app on smartphone with an immediate view on your wallet.

Getting started with Cryptonaut is simple. At the start you will be asked to choose the language and create an account. Then through the menu on the left you can create a new portfolio:

and with the “+” key on the right you can add a new trade:


You can download the app from the website: I do not know the developer, but I’m happy to advertise and recommend this app to everyone. I’ve been using it for months now and I could not really do without it!