Our crypto market, a slow crawl,
start of a distant show,
crypto freaks waiting for this move,
long time over due,
suddenly, the rising strength,
BTC shines at length,
bursting from a falling ball,
over to the moon so tall,
sprouting from nothing to stacks,
in waves, troughs to crests,
bulls in all glory and power,
the strength starts to hover,
all over paranoia and FUD,
spectacular growth so grand,
build-up of charging strength a start,
begins like a power dart,
alts consuming it’s energy,
EOS vacuumed and ICOS bloom,
all crypto freaks FOMO in,
am I late or too early, soon the moon,
the finale, to a huge payday,
energizing financial freedom or gloom,
stunted growth diminished by bears
in seconds and alts follow too,
market falls, dark shadows,
in anticipation of the next show or doom.

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  1. Julia Williams

    Dear friend you touched all the things the HODL the fomo the hype and dump yes it’s our journey the journey of cryptocurrencies.
    With love and respect ✊

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Good question, I would say Bear, LOL
      Well lets be positive for 2019, who knows where the crypto world will take us.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Mark (Zeus69)



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