This poem I write for wannabe poets on TRYBE,
don’t be deterred by rules, it will spoil your vibe,
respect them we are members not the leaders,
they built TRYBE by hard work and are our feeders

to inspire the poet in you, don’t forget the rules,
only write on topic, choose a category you fools,
not to write about love or your daughter, seems cruel,
well as a member and poet I have broken many a rule,

if you are a real poet, writing about anything, is easy
some topics are allowed but not rateable, like sleazy,
some topics are rateable as long as crypto is seen,
travel somewhere, and write, even if you haven’t been,

health is good, or bad, but say heart attack, OMG Bitcoin
analyse the shit out of crypto and write about any coin,
mention, you brother, or weightlifting, but say Shitcoin,
take photos of your dog, eating your crypto wallet,
or pissing on your laptop, with crypto, displayed,

that’s okay, technically, you earn a token reward
don’t forget to mention crypto going forward
so I owned up and asked to remove my rating,
many of it has been removed but some still waiting,
most on topic, like funny TA’s, members still rating,

I have earned many a token, all true none stolen,
but none in vain as the rules have now changed,
so now my new poems and posts will be re-arranged,
retain optimism to TRYBE, and follow rules and scribe,

I will always write about my daughter, who I dearly love,
as for TRYBE, my daughter, and my love is always above,
my new poems, like this one and some more to follow,
rules are for a reason, some to be broken, don’t wallow,

continue to write, some members have f..d up for another,
but in the end I continue as poetry is my style, so no bother,
I forgive them, but writing I will not stop, as I am a poet,
poetry and crypto can survive together as one, I say,
my life, poetry, my daughter remain till end of day,

all my new poems, a rule to follow, and TRYBE will show it,
rateable it will be for many a member to comment and see.

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  1. Miguel A. Cabanes

    Cryptopoetry by “The Crypto Poet” will never die!
    For more writings and poems and TA and tokens!
    For more Trybe and its excellent people!

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      I wont stop, as said that’s what I enjoy and is part of me and my life, so you will still see me here, just my content might change.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      All good buddy, thanks for reading and always commenting, much appreciated. Im going to be taking a break from poetry for a while on TRYBE, I think, just for a while.
      Keep your stuff coming otherwise i will be a nuisance on DISCORD, LOl
      Mark (Zeus69)

      1. Zeus69 Post author

        All good bud, just a bit of self re-arrangement.
        a week tops, ill be back, but will be on site reading etc – in the words of Arnold, LOL
        Mark (Zeus69)



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