It is no news, I’m sure, that Christianity today has become more of a business venture than a religion. In the real sense of it, Christianity is more than just a religion but it has, in recent times, become a way for people to exploit the desperation of the under privileged.

People today become Christians to avoid poverty, because of the promise of riches and prosperity so much so that the true gospel of Christ has been watered down to exploitation and business strategies.

The status quo now is that you have sow seeds to reap bountiful harvest. We have forgotten the true message of salvation and we now preach prosperity. Threatening people with poverty and some other predicaments. Forgetting that the bible clearly states…

>Seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you.

Prosperity has never been the focus of Christianity rather it is a bonus but it has pushed the real message out of the lime light.

The times Jesus spoke about giving was in relation to giving to the poor and under privileged so why then is it the other way around now.

I am not saying you shouldn’t sow seeds, but it should be because you saw a genuine need in the life of whoever the recipient is. Don’t give because you expect to receive, that is not the way.

The purpose of tithes in the old testament was so that those who could not afford basic needs would be catered for.

Only the latter part of the famed malachi 3 v 10 is quoted when ever they talk about tithe and it used to coarse people into paying tithe but then they forget the purpose of the tithe which was stated in first sentence of that verse.

It is heartbreaking to see how many people are been swindled and hoodwinked in the name of Christianity.

Apostle paul preached so much about giving but in all his epistles to the churches, how many times did he mention tithe.

Again i am not saying we shouldn’t pay tithes i am saying we should do it the right way for the right reasons.

There is need for a revamp in the focus of Christians. We need to get our priorities in order is there is to be any hope for us.



  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    It can be claimed that whatever you focus your attention on is your god. Whether that is money, fame, glory, pride,,,, whatever.

    If one is seeking a “reward” for tithing then their GOD is themselve’s,,,, if one’s focus is doing God’s work, then giving 10% of one’s salary is meaningless,,, as they pay way more attention to earning the money.

    Tithing is a MINIMUM, and has less to do with money (when done correctly) and more to do with how you spend your time and thoughts. (hopefully doing GOD’s work and not Man’s work [selfish])