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We have all received chain letters in various ways such as in emails, postal mail, instant messages and in all kinds of other ways.

These often appear to have some kind of ransome of which you need to pay to avoid bad luck and they also have the sense of urgency and requires the receiver to act quickly to avoid such disasters.

Some of these are begging letters that pull on your emotions to part with you hard earned cash and others promise to bring you good fortune as long as you send money to them and circulate their letters for them, whilst the scammers who originally sent them collects yours and their details for other criminal activities.

Most of them require you to forward these letters and messages to a certain amount of people you know.

Do not forward these messages or letters to anyone. Report the email as spam and trash it.

Typically, chain letters typically consist of three parts.

The Hook.

The hook.

The Hook: They may promise you good fortune or fame, threaten you with bad luck and/or misfortune.

The Threat or Promise.

The Threat or Promise.

They will promise you a reward, good luck and/or fortune if you pass the message on to others and a promise of bad luck, mis-fortune unto you and/or others if you do not pass it on.

The Request.

The Request.

The Request: They will ask you to promptly forward the chain letter on to typically three to ten friends. They normally usually require you to forward these on in a very short timeframe (24 or 72 hours etc).

What should I do if I receive them?

Don’t Panic!

This one is simple: Delete them from your inbox immediately or tear, burn, shred it up if it is physical mail. Forget about about it & enjoy the rest of your day, happily and peacefully.

A chain letter does not have any influence to your life in any way, positively or negatively. Your own mind and heart has the power bring you all fortunes you require.

Have you received any chain letters, in any way, shape or form?

Please comment as I would love to hear your stories.

Thank you for looking and have a wonderful day!