Among my destinations in Puglia one of the most suggetive and particular was Castellana Grotte where in fact you have the opportunity to visit the Caves of Castellana now famous all over the world for these grotes created thanks to the large rivers that flow in the inner part of the earth .In fact, thanks to the guided tour I discovered many new things that I did not know … for example that Puglia has very few lakes and rivers on the surface but many run underground, the waters melting and grinding limestone generate these tunnels and caverns of various forms and quantities covered with stalagmites and stalactites.

Castellana Grotte has a large parking lot where I found the parking lot nonsante the crowd very easily dopodiche we waited about 30 minutes to be able to enter since you have access to every fraction of time established but not very far from each other ..

After this wait, our guide has come to pick us up and let us start to be amazed by every step we took and marveled at for each description.


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To get off and start this little journey we made hundreds of steps and suddenly there seemed a huge cavern called the Grave; think that its walls  60 meters high tend to close blocked by a very large hole where from there always penetrates a ray of sunshine that always makes the green moss that covers most of the cave!

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Going down and continuing this path seemed to go deeper and deeper into a sort of Dark and Dark Kingdom made luminous thanks to the lighthouses placed just thanks to “man”, we found the Black Cave called so for the opaque color of the subterranean flora, very beautiful is fascinating in my opinion was the cavern of Monuments 40 meters high but the thing that makes it special is its dress covered with huge stalactites.After 3 km of path between stone bridges and large ravines we concluded with the Grotta Bianca very beautiful where every person can indulge his imagination to give a visual form to what these caves have formed; the name of the latter named Bianca is due to its delicate milk-colored mantle thanks to the limestone that gives a glow of snow …

Photo credit: <a href=””>denibaptista</a> on <a href=””></a> / <a href=””> CC BY-NC-SA</a>

I can say that it was worth it to admire this other wonder that I recommend to everyone. I admit that I would return immediately because 2 years have passed and the desire to return begins to be felt ..

Hello everybody…

Featured image: Photo credit: <a href=””>denibaptista</a> on <a href=””></a> / <a href=””> CC BY-NC-SA</a>

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  1. Cryptoslice

    my uncle is on the board of the Australian caving association he has taken me to many caves before some only a hand full of people have ever been in. great post 🙂



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