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Canada has a bullion coin called the Canadian Maple.  It comes in many many different forms.  The normal Maple is the same as these coins without the Privy mark.  It makes these coins a little more rare and collectible.  Let’s take a look at 3 of their privy coins today.

These are from my earlier days of collecting. These coins have a beautiful satin finish that I just can’t capture with my cell phone camera.

1998 Titanic Privy

1998 marked the first year for the Royal Canadian Mint to strike coins with privy marks. The 4 privy coins struck that year were the Zodiac series Tiger, 90th Anniversary Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and this one bearing the Titanic mark. Of the 4 this had the highest mintage with 26,000 being produced. The 90th RCM had a mintage of 13,025, Zodiac tiger had 25,000, and Mounted Police had 25,000 that year. When released the majority of Titanic coins were bought by a private distributor and had to be purchased through them. 

1999 Rabbit Privy

1999 only had 2 privy coins minted. One was the 1999-2000 fireworks with a mintage of 298,775. The other was this one from the Zodiac series, the year of the Rabbit. This coin had a limited production of 25,000.

2000 Dragon Privy

The year 2000 the RCM had 3 privy coins. The highest minted of the 3 was the Fireworks privy, next is the Expo Hanover at 25,000 and this coin from the Zodiac series the year of the Dragon also with a 25,000 mintage.

These are only a few of their coins.  Canada went a little crazy with different types of Maples.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many different ones there are available but it’s gotta be in the hundreds.  Here are some of the mintage numbers for them on Wikipedia.  Canadian Maple Mintage.

Do you collect coins?  Have you seen these Maples before?  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  Thanks for reading and rating my article.  If there are any coins you are interested in, let me know and I’ll try to write an article on them.

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