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I believe that Trybe has a strong future. But to see it truly grow, the community needs to support each other. 

While there is the beginnings of a strong community here on Trybe, it seems that we have a long way to go. We grow strong together, or not at all. For example I find it curious that some in the Trybe community seek to become friends with me, yet have not commented nor (it is obvious) voted for any of my previous posts.

I am not complaining, but for me the logic is missing here. If I am worthy enough to be a Trybal friend, is not my writing worthy of more than three stars?

I understand that we can't always vote because the chain won't allow too many votes to the same person over the period of a couple of days. But I think what I am seeing is something different.

The cynic in me is led to believe that in instances such as these, community members seek my vote and support, yet are unwilling, or indifferent to reciprocating and voting up my own posts.

Let me be clear: on a platform such as Trybe we will sink or swim together. And if we want to swim, that means supporting each other - especially in these early days of the process.

So here's what I do. If I read a piece and enjoy it, I vote on it (and always give it a vote above three stars). I will usually make a comment too, to let people know that I like what they do (as voting appears to be anonymous). If someone comments on my comment, I upvote that too (if the comment is sane and sensible).

If someone asks to follow/friend me, I follow and friend back if I like what they write - and yes I check what they write first, and yes I usually always follow back.

Trybe is a growth-based network - the more you share your stars with others, the more TRYBE tokens they will have when they share with you.

*Screenshot of Trybe.One website - thanks Trybe!*

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  1. Zeus69

    I agree with you, I share the same sentiment, the TRYBE community will grow if we support each other but we also need to be fair, and balanced in rating.
    By the way I have followed you. Thanks for sharing.
    Mark (Zeus69)