Success or failure in life comes inline with ones disposition to life. God has made time and resources available to man and every opportunity must be made good use of. To know the blueprints to success one must first do the following:-

1. Discover yourself:- You are not an accident of creation. God made you for a purpose; prayerfully discover what the purpose is.

2. Dream good dreams:- It is one thing to have good dreams and another to preserve them, mind who you share your dreams with. Someone said  “Do not share your six feet view of yourself with those who see a lilliputian(dwarf) view of you”.  Do not share your dreams with dream killers, dream killers are people who are more critical than was complimentary. They are people who jest and mock at your dream so do not keep company with those who steal your time and energy with useless sometimes useful but diversionary talks.

3. Decree and pray:- Now that you have some divinely imparted ideas(dreams) in your mind. Ask God To Help you pursue and realise them.

4. Drive/ Enthusiasm:- A strong desire will tunnel through mountains of difficulties. You may not be able to control the feelings or opinion of others about you or your dreams but you can control . Therefore, motivate yourself. Never surrender your zeal to criticism. Start the pursuance of your dream with zeal, continue with zeal and finish up with zeal. Don’t let the fire go down.

5. Displine:- To live a life of purpose and success you must be disciplined. Success means maximizing the available abilities and resources in order to hit a desired target. It takes discipline to rise up early in the morning to pray. Discipline will help you not to waste your time, talents and resources but to channel them to actualization of a goal. Discipline entails making sacrifices, he who would achieve little, sacrifices little. Great sacrifice always always attend great successes. If you’re not disciplined, you cannot plan well neither can you follow your plans through.

6. Determination:- The saying goes thus that where there is a will there is a way. If you’re determined , you will not yield to distractions and intimidation from any angle. Determination means purpose of heart.

7. Diligence:- There is no food foe the lazy man. That you are a christian does not automatically guarantee you prosperity if you refuse to work. It is the work of your hand that God promised to prosper. That you recite Psalm 23 many times a day does not guarantee food on your table except you rise to work and work hard.

8. Buoyed up (kept afloat) by His sovereignty:-  It is God who gives the increase. We must therefore work with Him and by His word if we ever hope to make any good success in life. Remember to do away with procrastination and laziness. Act now and it will be well with you.

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