These are some of the most interesting dApps and platforms launched on EOS or the EOS software.


A platform to publish media and content with incentives for content creators.

EOSBlack –

eosBLACK objective is to establish EOSIO as the Android of the blockchain. it will do this by becoming the incubator of EOS dApps.

Boid –

The Social Supercomputer. It plans to harness the power of many computers for good social causes and more.

Edna –

Giving control of the DNA to the people rather than governments or corporations.


KARMA is an ecosystem that engineers and promotes being good. Users will be awarded Karma when they do good things.

Atidium –

An application that assist individuals and corps to control their budgets.

Horus Pay –

A platform that links employers and international payroll vendors to make the international cross-border payments easily.

Everpedia –

An Encyclopedia on the blockchain, with an ecosystem based on the IQ token. This token incentives contributors and editors.


An exchange for EOS tokens.

Keos –

An EOS block producer.


A gambling site which has zero house edge and provably fair games. In October 2018, they are running an airdrop.

Prospectors –

A Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy game Powered by EOS Blockchain, the launch of the mainet will take place in  Q1 2019.

Cryptowizards –

Cryptowizards are digital characters. Different and colourful they can be bought, collected, and auctioned. But ultimately they exist to compete in tournaments for real and virtual prizes.

Trybe –

A Content Sharing Platform with a token which powers its advertising and content submission system.

Worbli –

The financial district of EOS, the plan is to become the ecosystem for financial dApps.

Telos –

A platform based on the EOS software, however instead of making the distribution according to the genesis snapshot they will attribute a maximum of 40,000 tokens to each account.

HireVibes –

A dApp which connects job seekers with vacancies, those applying for jobs will a 5% reward in for successfully finding jobs using the HireVibes app.

Patreos –

A dApp which promotes voting for block producers, but it planning to build other functionality such as creating a system where fasn can more easily support the projects they love.

Lumeos –

A data market where users can buy and sell data.


Smart contracts are at the core of EOS, EOSISH plans to be the super market of safe and audited smart contracts.

Murmur –

A Microblogging platform that allows content creators to retain control of their content.

Do you have any suggestions for additional projects that are making EOS stronger, let me know in your comments.

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