when people attack a tech too much from different angles, it gets my attention. So instead just reading the attack, I go on to make research about the attacker, why is he writing this, is he trying to save the world from scam with his report or is he scared of being obsolete. this is the reason why I get more interested in #BITCOIN and #EOS.

first of all remember that no #blockchain is yet perfect, they are all one big new experiment

#EOS is getting lots of FUD hit …. this is the reason,

1. blockctivity.info EOS number 1

2. https://www.stateofthedapps.com/stats

3. Compare daily users here https://dappradar.com/eos-dapps VS https://dappradar.com/dapps

4. Check the author of all FUD aricles about eos, you’ll trace them to all #EOS competitors


This one very easy to get. check all those who are against #bitcoin , they are either #banks or #government, they both know that the success of BITCOIN will bring huge knowledge of decentralization and maybe reducing corruption by a huge percentage.

always read beyond the FUD Because #FACTS > #FUD

#cryptocurrency #ethereum #NAIJABUILTBLOCKCHAIN #blockchainforall #eosio #worbli

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks, @djoesamie – I agree with you – always check the incentive – this also applies to those who promote crypto – are they invested etc. Understanding people’s incentives will goes a long way to contextualizing their opinions.



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