Hi guys! It’s your favorite cryptoblogger with another update on BET50!

Just a recap …

The Bet50 platform is an online betting site for e-sports, live sports of various kinds as well as dice games.
Bet50 token is an international payment system built on the EOS blockchain. It is used for making and closing bets on BET50 Esports platform, dice gambling and in their online Casino and will be used to buy Gift Cards.
The ultimate goal of BET50 is to become the preferred choice of payment for gaming and betting platforms all over the world. Users can be integrated into the Betfty platform and be able to spend Betfty tokens in any gaming store; online or on the street.
Users will be able to access all the Betfty services – betting, gambling, staking and buying – from the platform easily and be able to monitor their investments with the most amazing user immersing experience imaginable. You can read more details about it here

Okay here are the Updates on what we acheived over the past week.


The pre-sale platform has been completed and is now live. The date for the pre-sale has been set at January 5, 2019. The pre-sale will be preceeded by a fire-sale which will only last for 3 hours, after which the phase 1 of the pre-sale will begin. Pre-sale ends when all 100 Million coins for pre-sale has been exhausted. Softcap remains at $300k and hardcap is at $1 Million. The pre-sale will take place through an automated service on the ico website with the aid of smart contract. You can check out the ore-sale platform here

ICO Listing

 We have been indepently approved for listing on a popular ICO site – ICO HOLDER. They have listed details about our project and links to every one of our channels as well as a link to our whitepaper. We would very much appreciate it if you could give us a like and a follow on our page on ICO HOLDER here. More ICO listings coing soon as we present our project to various platforms for endorsement.

Social Media

 We were off with to a good start when our telegram channel opened a few days ago and we crossed the 100 member mark within 3 days. Our 200,000 BET50 giveaway is still ongoing to our first 200 members. You can join here to be, eligible for the giveaway. In addition, our twitter has grown to over 80 members organically within a week which we’re very grateful for You can help us reach 100 by giving us a follow here. Our discord server has also launched and is growing steadily. Those who participate in the firesale will have access to a private channel in our server where price matters can be discussed and plans made for the future of the platform. You can join us on discord here.

WP Release

 Our Whitepaper has been ready from start, but our newly hired graphic designer claimed it was not cool enough (to my chagrin. since I was the one who made the original design). He then took it upon himself to redesign the WP and it is now out for interested individuals to peruse our plans for the BET50 platform. You can get it here.

Alpha Testing

 The platform is ready! Yes, it is. Just going through a few last minute bug checks before we go live. This is as a result of the exploit in other betting and gambling platforms and we do not want the same to happen to BET50. So we have hired independet contractors to go through our code over and over again thoroughly. Backend, Server end and Blockchain connections. The platform should go live tomorrow or at the very least, the day after tomorrow. We do need people to test out the UI so we are organizing an Alpha testing campaign. Interested individuals who would like to be among the first to use the BET50 platform and help us iron out the bugs should sign up here. Our aim is to have a functioning platform before the presale is started at all, to show that we are very serious about the BET50 platform. We have far exceeded our roadmap and in a few weeks the roadmap will become obsolete and have to be written as we keep breaking grounds in the development of the platform.

Twitter Bounty

We have an ongoing twitter bounty. Make a tweet about betfty’s upcoming ICO on twitter and tag the betfty handle. Ensure you use the official betfty logo in the tweet and the hashtags #eos #eosdapps #sportsbetting #BET50 #cryptocurrency. Top 3 participants with the highest likes and retweets wins. Minimum of 100 likes and retweets to be eligible. Payment is 20 EOS for each winner.

Winner announced on the 2nd of January.

That’s all for this week’s update on the BET50 platform. We do hope you join us soon!

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